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Theses with distinction


Among the latest defended theses, we would like to announce two theses that deserve special recognition:

  • Petr Pařízek: Determinants of Claims Satisfaction in Insolvency Proceedings in the Czech Republic (Advisor: Jiří Skuhrovec). This thesis combines microdata from Insolvency Register, Business Register, Ministry of Finance and other sources to construct a unique dataset of more than 2,600 insolvency cases, and examines determinants of the creditors’ claims satisfaction. Interestingly, the audit of financial statements and the company age have no effect on the claims satisfaction.
  • Jana Urbánková: A Macro-Finance Model of the Czech Economy (Advisor: Jaromír Baxa). The thesis introduces a macro-finance model of the Czech economy by setting a VAR model which includes components representing the yield curve estimated within the Nelson-Siegel framework. The thesis contributes to the current stream of research by including both the policy interest rate and the interbank interest rate as endogeneous variables in the VAR model.

We congratulate the authors and also their advisors.

Autor - doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.


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