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Call for applications: UNCE Doctoral Fellowships


Institute of Economic Studies calls for applications for 2-4 UNCE Doctoral Fellowships. The length of the fellowship is 18 months. The fellowship will support research on topics with a potential for high-quality publication in the fields of economics and finance. Only PhD candidates currently enrolled at the Institute are eligible for a fellowship. 

Applications must include:
    • A brief project proposal with clearly specified outcomes, either a paper (or papers) ready for submission, or work-in-progress suitable for presentation at important conferences and workshops
    • CV
    • List of publications
    • List of work-in-progress publications (for each paper, include information about past and upcoming presentations at the conferences and seminars, a rough date of expected submission, and your submission tree)
    • Date of planned state doctoral examination and dissertation defense
    • Whether a long-term visit abroad is planned during the fellowship

The Committee will assess the potential of the proposal and the feasibility of the objectives set.
Main formal requirement: To be currently enrolled in the PhD at the IES FSV UK.

Deadline: March 31, 2018.

Questions and applications shall be send to Jaromír Baxa ( 

Autor - PhDr. Jaromír Baxa Ph.D.


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