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Public Lectures in Economic History (Cambridge Lectures)


We invite all who are interested in economic and social history to visit two public lectures by Dr. Amy Erickson (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge). The lectures are a part of the course called the Cambridge Lectures in Economic History (JEB143) that are open not only to enrolled students. Dr. Ericsson is going to discuss two topics:

Tu 20/3/2018 18:30-19:50/ Room 314 British economic history and its focus on employment and wages (across early modern Europe)

We 21/3/2018 18:30 - 19:50/ Rom 109 The significance of occupational structure as a proxy or economic development

Both lectures take place at the address of IES FSV: Opletalova 26

For more information including the recommended literature, see Cambridge Lectures in Economic History (JEB340).

Autor - Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová


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