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Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award (“DOT Award”)


The Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University (IES) and Deloitte grant the Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award (DOT Award) for exceptional Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses  defended at IES. The award broadens the scope of the existing partnership between IES and Deloitte initiated in 2014.

• All Bachelor’s and Master’s theses defended at IES since June 2018 are considered for the award.

In June 2019 are considered for the award these Bachelor´s theses:

Bc. Buinevici Igor, "Rivals as Allies: Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Stock Investing"
Bc. Lukáš Janásek, "Numerical fiscal rules and fiscal institutions in an economy with a dynamic common pool problem"
Bc. Martin Kosík, "The Geopolitics of Repressions"
Bc. Jakub Stuchlík, "Economic Impact of Margaret Thatcher Revisited"

In June 2019 is considered for the award this Master´s these:

Mgr. Anastasia Pankina, "Costs of Conflict: Empirical Analysis of the Economic Situation in Palestine and Israel"

• Examination committees recommend approximately top 10% of the best theses for nomination.

• Program directors (“garanti programů”) decide on the nominations based on the IES thesis grading criteria.

• A thesis can be nominated only if the author(s) give(s) consent to provide Deloitte with (i) the thesis, (ii) the supervisor’s and the opponent’s evaluation reports, and (iii) the examination committee’s motivation of their grading decision.

• DOT Award winners receive the prize at an annual ceremony held at Deloitte premises typically in September or October.

• DOT Award winner sare announced at IES homepage.

Autor - Mgr. Lucie Křížová M.A.




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