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CES Competition for the Best Student Paper in Theoretical Economics


The Council of the Czech Econometric Society announces the 19th Competition for the Best Student Paper in Theoretical Economics. The aim of this competition is to counterbalance the increasingly common simple-minded, single-purpose, and selfserving studies and to encourage young researchers to produce high quality papers in the field of theoretical economics. The competition is sponsored by a monetary award of 10 000 Kč for the winning paper and by book awards in the value of 3000 Kč and 1000 Kč for the 2nd and the 3d place, respectively.

Competing papers should focus on theoretical economics issues, i.e., mathematical economics, econometrics, or mathematical modeling of economic phenomena. The competition is open to all students enrolled at universities in the Czech Republic, including students in PhD. programs. Participants are allowed to submit their school projects, bachelor's or master's theses in full or part but not a whole dissertation. We encourage participants to submit preprints of their journal or conference papers. 

The recommended maximum length of the paper is 25 pages and the probability of success drops sharply beyond this length. The paper should be written in Czech, Slovak, or English. Each participant can submit only one paper and the same project cannot be submitted repeatedly.  

All participants must register by e-mailing the title of their paper and its short abstract to by April 30th, 2019.  

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Autor - Mgr. Ema C. Stašová




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