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JEM210 Introduction to Econometrics of Networks (Bryan Graham, UC Berkeley)


We are inviting all students to an interactive summer course introducing state of the art tools for analyzing networks. The course is to be given by a leading expert in the field, Professor of Economics at the University of California Berkeley, Bryan Graham. The course will introduce students to some recent methods for analyzing network data. Methods of storing, displaying, estimating and summarizing network dataset will be reviewed. Students will work with professor interactively, and will have a great possibility to obtain skills in the modern topic.

The course will run during August 6-7 2019. As such, the course is more suitable for advanced master students as well as Ph.D. students. Please do not forget to register for the course. For the details visit the homepage, and/or contact Jozef Barunik.

Autor - doc. PhDr. Jozef Baruník Ph.D.


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