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Public Economics Seminar starting October 13


All students and researchers interested in public finance and public economics are warmly invited to a first Public Economics Seminar this Wednesday between 12:30 and 13:50 in room 105 at IES. 

This week we will have presentations by Daniel Kolář on "Correcting wealth surveys with income tax data" and by Miroslav Palanský on "Indicators of tax havens".

The informal research seminar will take place every other Wednesday.
Together with other details, the programme is available here and will be continually updated.
Please write to Petr Janský or Miroslav Palanský if you would like to present or discuss somebody's presentation.

Undergraduate as well as graduate students are, of course, welcome and they can, for example, learn about potential topics for their theses and get to know their potential thesis supervisors.  

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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