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Rok: 2017

Impact of Sports Results on Czech Stock Market
Mgr. Michal Urban

Risk factor modeling of Hedge Funds’ strategies
Aleksa Radosavčević

Analysis of publicly listed microfinance equity diversification potential and possible mission drift
Mgr. Karel Pfeffer

Are Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead? A Stated Preference Study on Shark Ecotourism in Costa Rica.
Mgr. Alicia Maria Berrios

Beyond Global Imbalances: Gross capital flows and the role of Shadow Banking
Mgr. Tomáš Václavíček

Causal relationship between Uncertainty and Crude Oil Prices: //A Quantile Regression approach
Mgr. Andrés Mauricio Ruiz Vargas, BA

Co-exceedances in stocks and bonds between Southern European Countries and CEE Countries - Analysis of contagion
Mgr. Matej Pjontek

Comparison of coherent demand systems: //The case of meat demand in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Karolína Dlasková

Corporate Tax Competition: //A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Nikol Labíková

Determinants of Claims Satisfaction in Insolvency Proceedings in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Petr Pařízek
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Determinants of FDI flows in Europe: //The Recent Evidence
Mgr. Vojtěch Korbelius

Does Financial Development Alleviate Poverty?
Mgr. Aneta Mohylová

ECB's Oral Communication and Future Monetary Policy
Mgr. Nicolas Fanta

Education and HIV: //Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Mgr. Tadeáš Kopecký

Effect of foreign exchange interventions on volatility of dollar/yen exchange rate
Mgr. Daria Filippova

Effect of minimum wages: do regional data tell a different story?
Mgr. Tereza Májková

Emotional Anchoring in Experimental Asset Markets
Mgr. David Pospíšil

Estimating Tax Revenue Elasticities in Slovakia
Mgr. Edita Ďurovčíková

Evaluating the Effect of 2014 Sanctions against Russia Using Synthetic Control Methods
Mgr. Dmitriy Pchelintsev

Financial and business cycles in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe emerging markets
Mgr. Martina Kučerová

Financial Secrecy and Its Impact on Cross-Border Deposits
Mgr. Daniel Džmuráň

Forecasting the Exchange Rate in the Czech Republic Using Non-linear Threshold Models
Mgr. Petr Žák

Group lending with peer monitoring: A theoretical model of microcredit
Mgr. Martin Štrobl

How Bank Competition Influences Financial Stability
Mgr. Romana Vildová

Identifying the Conditions of Instability in Macromodels of Financial Cycles
Mgr. Aleš Zenáhlík

Impacts of Ethanol Policy on Corn Prices: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Přemysl Horáček

Inflation Convergence in the European Union: //the effect of monetary regimes, the global financial crisis and the zero lower bound
Mgr. Václav Brož

Market Reaction to Earnings Announcements and (In)Efficiency of Financial Markets: Cross-sector Analysis
Mgr. Pavel Prucek

Natural Interest Rate: Is 2% CPI Inflation Still the Right Target?
Mgr. Lucie Scheerová

Performance Analysis of Credit Scoring Models on Lending Club Data
Mgr. Michal Polena

Portfolio diversification on P2P loan markets
Mgr. Petr Polák, M.Sc.

Predicting Field Experiment Results in a Lab
Mgr. Kateřina Chadimová

Sin Tax on Soft Drinks: //Possible Impacts in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Hana Štefanová

State capture as market distortion: Effect of political connections in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Martin Špolc
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The effect of material prosperity on happiness: Evidence from Europe
Bc. Dominika Rečková

The Elasticity of Trade with Respect to Trade Costs: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Anna Tlustá

The Exchange Rate Pass-Through at the Zero Lower Bound: The Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Ing. Tomáš Šestořád

The Impact of Competition on Bank Performance
Mgr. Petr Kupka

The impact of IMF financial aid on economic growth and inflation
Mgr. Valeri Covalenco

The impact of the Euro on German economy
Mgr. Viliam Krották

The Macro-finance Model of the Czech Economy
Mgr. Jana Urbánková
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The Relation Between the Euro Cash Changeover and the Perceived Inflation in the Baltic Countries
Mgr. Előd Orosz

The Role of Heterogeneous Households in the DSGE model: Application to the Czech Republic
Mgr. Michal Palas

The Role of Income Tax Progressivity in GDP Smoothening: Empirical Analysis
Mgr. Pavel Žofák
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The supplementary pension savings scheme in the Czech Republic: //Microeconomic evidence of the 2013 policy change
Mgr. Adam Rückl

What is the equilibrium exchange rate of the Czech koruna?
Mgr. Pavel Jančovič

What Socioeconomic Factors Explain Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence?
Mgr. Veranika Makarevich

Willingness to pay for electricity-driven passenger vehicles
Mgr. Inés Horváthová


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