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Rok: 2013

Dynamic Portfolio Optimization During Financial Crisis Using Daily Data and High-frequency Data
Mgr. Čech František

Asset Price Bubbles: Housing Markets Data
Mgr. Mrhal Jakub

Comovement of Stock Markets and Commodities: A Wavelet Analysis
Mgr. Vavřina Marek

Economic Aspects of Remittances and Migration: Case Study of Ukraine and the Czech Republic
Mgr. Weyskrabová Blanka

Forecasting and Nowcasting Power of Confidence Indicators: Evidence for Central Europe
Mgr. Herrmannová Lenka

Inflation targeting and inflation perceptions: an empirical analysis
Mgr. Klubíčková Kateřina

Multivariate Dependence Modeling using Copulas
Mgr. Klaus Marek

My ventures are not in one bottom trusted Comparative study to Modern Portfolio Theory and Black-Litterman portfolio formation.
Mgr. Klega Daniel

Nonperforming Loans in China: Do We (Still) Need to Worry?
Mgr. Sočuvková Alžběta

Numerical Modelling of Two-Prize Asymmetric Contests
Mgr. Matysková Ludmila

Public procurement of homogeneous goods: Czech Republic case study
Mgr. Soudek Jan

Smoking - Impact on the Czech State Budget and Its Fair Taxation
Mgr. Hait Pavel

Systemic risk and sovereign crises. Modelling interconnections in the financial system
Mgr. Klinger Tomáš

The Impact of Basel III on European Banks
Mgr. Šútorová Barbora

The Impact of Euro Adoption on Competitiveness: The comparison of Czech Republic and Slovakia
Mgr. Polyák Oliver

Value at Risk: GARCH vs.Stochastic Volatility Models: Empirical Study
Mgr. Tesárová Viktoria

Volatility Spillovers in New Member States: A Bayesian Model
Mgr. Janhuba Radek


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