Seznam konferencí

Rok Název
2017    Second World Congress of Comparative Economics
2017    10th International workshop on “Empirical Methods in Energy Economics”
2017    1st Research Conference of the CEPR Network on Macroeconomic Modelling and Model Comparison (MMCN)
2017    21st ICMAIF Annual Conference
2017    21th EBES Conference
2017    29th European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
2017    3rd HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics
2017    3rd International Workshop on “Financial Markets and Nonlinear Dynamics” (FMND)
2017    4th Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics
2017    5th European User Conference for EU-Microdata (Mannheim, Germany, 2. - 3. 3. 2017)
2017    68° North Conference
2017    6th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences
2017    6th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences, Germany
2017    7th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association
2017    American Economic Association 2017 Annual Meeting
2017    Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis 2017
2017    CEF 2017: 23rd Computing in Economics and Finance
2017    Česká společnost ekonomická, Ekonomická fakulta VŠB-TU Ostrava - výzkumný seminář
2017    Economic Policy in a Global Environment, keynote speech
2017    Erasmus Teaching Mobility, Italy
2017    European Business History Association 21st Annual Congress in Vienna
2017    Europen Public Choice Society Annual Meeting
2017    Financial Globalization and Its Spillovers A Jean Monnet Workshop
2017    ICBIE 2017: 19th International Conference on Business and Information Engineering, Spain
2017    IMTC EMEA 2017
2017    Insol Europe Academic Forum Annual Conference
2017    Insolvence 2017: Insolvence ve středoevropském prostoru - vybraná témata
2017    PSA 67th Annual Conference
2017    PSA Political Methodology Group Conference
2017    Royal Economic Society PhD Meeting
2017    Second World Congress of Comparative Economics
2017    SERCI Annual Congress 2017
2017    Slovak Economic Association Meeting (SEAM 2017)
2017    Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics Annual Congress
2017    The 12th International Conference “Challenges of Europe: Innovative Responses for Resilient Growth and Competitiveness”
2017    The 18th Annual Conference of Faculty of Finance and Accounting (ACFA 2017), Czech Republic
2017    The 8th International Research Meeting in Business and Management
2017    University of Economics, Prague, invited lecture
2017    University of Gothenburg - výzkumný seminář
2017    Verejna Uverova Banka, invited lecture


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