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Nejlepších 5 časopisů v ekonomii a nejlepší 3 časopisy ve financích (A++ dle našeho hodnocení časopisů)

  • Bartoš, Vojtěch; Bauer, Michal; Chytilová, Julie; Matějka, Filip (2016) Attention Discrimination: Theory and Field Experiments with Monitoring Information Acquisition, American Economic Review, 106(6), 1437-1475
  • Bauer, Michal; Chytilová, Julie; Morduch, Jonathan (2012) Behavioral Foundations of Microcredit: Experimental and Survey Evidence from Rural India, American Economic Review, 102(2), 1118-1139

Přední časopisy v oboru (A+ dle našeho hodnocení časopisů)

  • Bauer, Michal; Chytilová, Julie; Pertold-Gebická, Barbara (2014) Parental Background and Other-Regarding Preferences in Children, Experimental Economics, 17(1), 24-46
  • Bauer, Michal; Blattman, Christopher; Chytilová, Julie; Henrich, Joseph; Miguel, Edward; Mitts, Tamar (2016) Can War Foster Cooperation?, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(3), 249-274
  • Bauer, Michal; Fiala, Nathan; Levely, Ian (2017) Trusting Former Rebels: An Experimental Approach to Understanding Reintegration after Civil War, Economic Journal, forthcoming
  • Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew; Hausman, Jerry (2012) A Poisson Mixture Model of Discrete Choice, Journal of Econometrics, 166(2), 184-203
  • Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew (2013) Panel Probit with Flexible Correlated Effects: Quantifying Technology Spillovers in the Presence of Latent Heterogeneity, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 28(6), 956-981
  • Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew; Hausman, Jerry (2015) A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Competing Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 30(3), 353-376.
  • Havránek, Tomáš (2015) Measuring Intertemporal Substitution: The Importance of Method Choices and Selective Reporting, Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(6), 1180-1204 
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana (2011) Estimating Vertical Spillovers from FDI: Why Results Vary and What the True Effect Is, Journal of International Economics, 85(2), 234-244
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana (2017) Do Borders Really Slash Trade? A Meta-Analysis, IMF Economic Review, 65(2), 365-396
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana; Horváth, Roman; Rusnák, Marek (2015) Cross-Country Heterogeneity in Intertemporal Substitution, Journal of International Economics, 96(1), 100-118

Významné časopisy v oboru (A dle našeho hodnocení časopisů)

  • Baruník, Jozef; Kočenda, Evžen; Vácha, Lukáš (2016) Asymmetric Connectedness of Stocks: How Does Bad and Good Volatility Spill over the U.S. Stock Market? Journal of Financial Markets, 27, 55-78.
  • Baruník, Jozef; Vácha, Lukáš (2017) Do Co-Jumps Impact Correlations in Currency Markets? Journal of Financial Markets, forthcoming
  • Bauer, Michal; Chytilová, Julie; Cassar, Alessandra; Henrich, Joseph (2013) War's Enduring Effects on Egalitarian Motivations and In-Group Biases, Psychological Science, 25(1), 47-57
  • Cobham, Alex; Janský, Petr; Mainzer, Markus (2015) The Financial Secrecy Index: Sheding New Light on The Geography of Secrecy, Economic Geography, 91(3), 281-303
  • Dominguez, Kathryn; Fatum, Rasmus; Vacek, Pavel (2013) Do Sales of Foreign Exchange Reserves Lead to Currency Appreciation? Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45(5), 867-890
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Rusnák, Marek; Sokolova, Anna (2017) Habit Formation in Consumption: A Meta-Analysis, European Economic Review, 95, 142-167
  • Hasan, Iftekhar; Horváth, Roman; Mareš, Jan (2017) What Type of Finance Matters for Growth?, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming
  • Rusnák, Marek; Havránek, Tomáš; Horváth, Roman (2013) How to Solve the Price Puzzle? A Meta-Analysis, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45(1), 37-70
  • Žikes, Filip; Baruník, Jozef; Shenai, Nikhil (2017) Modeling and Forecasting Persistent Financial Durations, Econometric Reviews, 36(10), 1081-1110
  • Žikes, Filip; Baruník, Jozef (2016) Semiparametric Conditional Quantile Models for Financial Returns and Realized Volatility, Journal of Financial Econometrics, 14(1), 185-226

Uznávané mezinárodní časopisy (B a C dle našeho hodnocení časopisů) - vybrané články

  • Babecký, Jan; Havránek, Tomáš; Matějů, Jakub; Šmídková, Kateřina; Vašíček, Bořek (2013) Leading Indicators of Crisis Incidence, Journal of International Money and Finance, 35(1), 1-19
  • Babecký, Jan; Havránek, Tomáš; Matějů, Jakub; Šmídková, Kateřina; Vašíček, Bořek (2014) Banking, Debt and Currency Crises: Early Warning Indicators for Developed Countries, Journal of Financial Stability, 15, 1-17
  • Baxa, Jaromír; Horváth, Roman; Vašíček, Bořek (2013) Time-Varying Monetary Policy Rules and Financial Stress: Does Financial Instability Matter for Monetary Policy? Journal of Financial Stability, 9(1), 117-138
  • Baxa, Jaromír; Horváth, Roman; Vašíček, Bořek (2014) How Does Monetary Policy Change? Evidence on Inflation Targeting Countries Macroeconomic Dynamics, 18(3), 593-630
  • Baruník, Jozef; Vácha, Lukáš (2012) Co-movement of energy commodities revisited: Evidence from wavelet coherence analysis, Energy Economics, 34(1), 241-247
  • Baruník, Jozef; Kočenda, Evžen; Vácha, Lukáš (2015) How Does Good and Bad Volatility Spill over across Petroleum Markets? Energy Journal, 36(3), 309-329
  • Baruník, Jozef; Kukačka, Jiří (2015) Realizing Stock Market Crashes: Stochastic Cusp Catastrophe Model of Returns under the Time-Varying Volatility, Quantitative Finance, 15(6), 959-973
  • Baruník, Jozef; Vácha, Lukáš (2015) Realized Wavelet-Based Estimation of Integrated Variance and Jumps in the Presence of Noise, Quantitative Finance, 15(8), 1347-1364
  • Blasco, Sylvie; Pertold-Gebická, Barbara (2013) Employment Policies, Hiring Practices and Firm Performance, Labour Economics, 25, 12-24
  • Bulíř, Aleš; Čihák, Martin; Šmídková, Kateřina (2013) Writing Clearly: The ECB's Monetary Policy Communication, German Economic Review, 14(1), 50-72
  • Burda, Martin; Maheu, John (2013) Bayesian Adaptively Updated Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with an Application to High Dimensional BEKK GARCH, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, 17(4), 345-372
  • Burda, Martin; Harding, Matthew (2014) Environmental Justice: Evidence from Superfund Cleanup Durations, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 107, 380-401
  • Campos, Nauro; Horváth, Roman (2012) Reform Redux: Measurement, Determinants and Growth Implications, European Journal of Political Economy, 28(2), 227-237
  • Campos, Nauro; Horváth, Roman (2012) On the Reversibility of Structural Reforms, Economics Letters, 217-219
  • Feldkircher, Martin; Horváth, Roman; Rusnák, Marek (2014) Exchange Market Pressures during the Financial Crisis: A Bayesian Model Averaging Evidence, Journal of International Money and Finance, 36(1), 21-41
  • Franta, Michal; Baruník, Jozef; Horváth, Roman; Šmídková, Kateřina (2014) Are Bayesian Fan Charts Useful? An Evaluation of Macroeconomic Forecasts and Financial Stability Stress Tests, International Journal of Central Banking, 10(1), 159-187
  • Fungáčová, Zuzana; Weill, Laurent (2014) Does Competition Influence The Bank Lending Channel in the Euro Area?, Journal of Banking and Finance, 49, 356-366
  • Gregor, Martin (2015) Task Divisions in Teams with Complementary Tasks, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 117, 102-120
  • Gregor, Martin (2015) To Invite or Not to Invite a Lobby, that Is the Question, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 15 (2), 143-166
  • Hanousek, Jan; Kočenda, Evžen; Shamsur, Anastasiya (2015) Corporate Efficiency in Europe, Journal of Corporate Finance, 32, 24-40
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana; Janda, Karel (2012) Demand for Gasoline Is More Price-Inelastic than Commonly Thought, Energy Economics, 34(1), 201-207
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková Zuzana (2012) Publication Bias in the Literature on FDI: Spillovers, Journal of Development Studies, 48(10), 1375-1396
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková Zuzana (2013) Determinants for Horizontal FDI: Evidence from a Large Meta-Analysis, World Development, 42(1), 1-15
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Rusnák, Marek (2013) Transmission Lags of Monetary Policy: A Meta-Analysis, International Journal of Central Banking, 9(4), 39-75
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Kokeš Ondřej (2015) Income Elasticity of Gasoline Demand: A Meta-Analysis, Energy Economics, 47(1), 77-86
  • Havránek, Tomáš; Horváth, Roman; Zeylov, Ayaz (2016) Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis, World Development, 88, 134-151
  • Horváth, Roman; Šmídková, Kateřina; Zápal, Jan (2012) Central Banks’ Voting Record and Future Policy, International Journal of Central Banking, 8(4), 1-19
  • Horváth, Roman (2013) Does Trust Promote Growth? Journal of Comparative Economics, 41(3), 777-788
  • Horváth, Roman; Seidler, Jakub; Weill, Laurent (2014) Bank Capital and Liquidity Creation: Granger Causality Evidence, Journal of Financial Services Research, 45(3), 341-361
  • Horváth, Roman; Jonášová, Julia (2015) Central Banks' Voting Records, Financial Crisis and Future Monetary Policy, European Journal of Political Economy, 229-243
  • Horváth, Roman; Vaško, Dan (2016) Central Bank Transparency and Financial Stability Journal of Financial Stability, 22, 45-56
  • Krištoufek, Ladislav; Janda, Karel; Zilberman, David (2012) Correlations between Biofuels and Related Commodities before and during the Food Crisis: A Taxonomy Perspective, Energy Economics, 34(5), 1380-1391
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  • Krištoufek, Ladislav; Janda, Karel; Zilberman, David (2016) Co-movements of Ethanol Related Prices: Evidence from Brazil and the USA, GCB Bioenergy, 8(2), 346-356
  • Janda, Karel; Michalíková, Eva; Skuhrovec, Jiří (2013) Credit Support for Export: Robust Evidence for the Czech Republic, World Economy, 36(12), 1588-1610
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  • Valíčková, Petra; Havránek, Tomáš; Horváth, Roman (2015) Financial Growth and Economic Development, Journal of Economic Surveys, 29(3), 506-526
  • Žigraiová, Diana; Havránek, Tomáš (2016) Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Much Ado about Nothing?, Journal of Economic Surveys, 30(5), 944-981

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V posledních pěti letech byly studie našich kolegů citovány v nejlepších světových časopisech z ekonomie a financí, konkrétně: The American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies a Review of Financial Studies. Mezi nejlepší světové časopisy se počítá pouze 5 časopisů z ekonomie a 3 časopis z financí z celkově 904 časopisů indexovaných v kategorii Economics, Econometrics and Finance v databázi Scopus.

Odborné časopisy a working papers

Dále se podílíme na vydávání následujících publikačních řad:

  • Czech Journal of Economics and Finance tvoří jediný impaktovaný žurnál vydávaný na Fakultě sociálních věd University Karlovy. Impakt faktor pro rok 2016 je 0.604. Časopis přímo navazuje na Finance a úvěr, vydávaný od roku 1953, IES FSV UK je vydavatelem od roku 1997. Časopis zveřejňuje články v oblasti makroekonomie, monetární ekonomie a veřejných financí. Hlavní editor: Roman Horváth. Editoři: Jarko Fidrmuc, Martin Fukač, Evžen Kočenda, Ondřej Schneider, Laurent Weill. Kromě celosvětové databáze Web of Science je časopis indexovaný i v databázích EconLit, Ulrich's Periodicals, Scopus a dalších.
  • IES Working Papers prezentují aktuální výzkumné výstupy ještě před stádiem publikace v recenzovaných periodicích. Vycházejí od roku 2001 a od roku 2006 jsou zařazeny v celosvětové databázi výzkumných publikací RePEc (Research Papers in Economics). Práce jsou podrobeny anonymnímu recenznímu řízení (blind peer-review), nejsou ale jazykově či edičně upravovány. IES Occasional Papers je řada výzkumných studií zaměřených na tvůrce hospodářské politiky a na širší odbornou veřejnost. Vycházejí od roku 2001 v počtu několika ročně. Editorem obou řad je doc. Ondřej Schneider.

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