PhDr. Jiří Kukačka Ph.D.


Akademická funkce: Postdoctoral Fellow
Odborné zaměření: Financial Econometrics, Behavioral Finance and Macroeconomics, Heterogeneous Agent Models, Agent-Based Simulations in Economics, Financial Crashes, Multifractality
Členství: Interní, Katedra makroekonomie a ekonometrie


Kancelář: 247 UTIA
Email: jiri [DOT] kukacka [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
Telefon: +420 602 767 305
Osobní www stránka:
Konzultační hodiny: upon request in advance via email above, please, usually Thursdays or Fridays at UTIA, office 247

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JEM062 - Introductory Econometrics


JEM062 - Introductory Econometrics


JEM005 - Advanced Econometrics
JEM116 - Applied Econometrics


Člen organizací

FinMaP (European Commission Project), DYME – Dynamic Models in Economics (Excellence Project of the Czech Science Foundation), Society for Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, Society for Computational Economics, CFEnetwork


2011 - 2016: Ph.D., Economics, Charles University, Dissertation Thesis available here
2012: PhDr. (M.Phil. equivalent), Economics, Charles University
2008 - 2011: Mgr. (M.A. equivalent), Economics, Charles University
2008 - 2009: University of Bath, School of Management, United Kingdom
2005 - 2008: Bc. (B.A. equivalent), Economic Theories, Charles University

Summer Schools and Academic Workshops:
2016: WEHIA 2016 Doctoral Summer School (Castellon)
2015: First Ancona-Milano Summer School on AB Economics (Ancona)
2015: CEF SCE 2015 Workshops on ABM and Compexity (Taipei)
2015: WEHIA 2015 Doctoral Summer School (Nice)
2014: Agent-Based Modeling teaching course (Leipzig)
2014: WEHIA 2014 PhD Summer School (Beijing)
2013: 4th Summer School of the European Social Simulation Association (Hamburg)
2013: WEHIA 2013 PhD School (Reykjavik)
2012: WEHIA 2012 PhD School (Paris)

Odborná praxe

Academic Staff:
2016: Research Visit, Kiel University, Germany, Department of Economics, working with Stephen Sacht
2016: Postdoctoral Research Visit, University of California, Irvine, Department of Economics, working with William Branch
2016+: Postdoctoral Fellow, IES FSV UK, see also my ResearchGate profile and Personal RePEc webpage
2013 - 2015: Member of the Center for Doctoral Studies, IES FSV UK
2013+: Member of the Department of Macroeconomics and Econometrics, IES FSV UK

2016+: Postdoctoral Researcher, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Theory and Automation (UTIA), Department of Econometrics
2013 - 2016: Research Assistant, Ph.D. Candidate, CAS IITA

Teaching Assistant IES FSV UK:
2015+: JEM005 - Advanced Econometrics
2011+: JEM116 - Applied Econometrics
2011 - 2015: JEB110 - Econometrics II

2009: National Economic Council (NERV), assistant to Professor Ing. Michal Mejstrik, CSc., economic analyses of particular financial topics during the preparation of the National Crisis Packet

Veřejné aktivity

2014+: Member of the Economic and Legislative Committee of the Academic Senate FSV UK
2013+: Member of the Disciplinary Committee FSV UK (alternate)
2014 - 2016: Academic Senator, Pedagogic Chamber, AS FSV UK
Refereeing: Quantitative Finance, Computational Economics (4x), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Physica A, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (4x), Prague Economic Papers (2x)
2007 - 2012: E-klub IES FSV UK
2009 - 2011: Charles University International Club


Best Course Teaching Award (master level) for Advanced Econometrics (with Dr. Barunik, T. Krehlik, A. Zeynalov, and L. Kraicova), 2015
Best Course Teaching Award (master level) for Applied Econometrics (with doc. Horvath, Dr. Barunik, Dr. Baxa, F. Cech, and M. Rusnak), 2014
Golden Course Faculty Teaching Award (best master level economic course) for Applied Econometrics (with doc. Horvath, Dr. Barunik, and Dr. Baxa), 2012
Dean's Award for an extraordinarily good masters diploma thesis, 2011
RWE Scholarship 2009 - 2011
Dean's Award for an excellent Final State Exam performance and for an extraordinarily good bachelors diploma thesis, 2008

Nabídka témat závěrečných prací

Bakalářské práce

Students are welcome to contact me via email and consult the supervision of Bachelor theses related to fields of my research interest. Maximum load of supervised theses is around 2 for 2017/18:

- topics on Heterogeneous Agent Modelling (HAM) in Finance, e.g. sensitivity analysis of HAMs, see a video about the HAM topic
- sensitivity analysis (maybe estimation) of a simple Macro Agent-Based Model (MABM), see a video about the MABM topic
- topics on Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) in Economics and Finance, implementation/extension and analysis of a simple model in NetLogo. Example: A simple financial market with zero intelligence agents, see textbook (download it here) for more inspiration
- extending theoretical (microeconomic) models into discrete agent-based domain. Do both result in the same findings? Examples: Cournot oligopoly with simple learning, Cartels, implementation in NetLogo, see textbook (download it here) for more inspiration
- topics on Behavioural Finance, empirical or agent-based approach, see videos about the BF topic here and here, and read about interesting behavioural patterns and anomalies here.

Currently supervising 1 bachelor thesis at IES FSV UK:
Renáta Wojnarová: Agent-Based Analysis of Market Potential for Electric Vehicles in the Czech Republic

Newly supervised bachelor theses for 2017/18:
Jan Vainer: Extending Hotelling’s location model into Agent-based domain
Patrik Cerny: The weather and stock returns

Diplomové práce

- topics on Heterogeneous Agent Modelling (HAM) in Finance, e.g. calibration and simulation based estimation (SMM, SMLE) of HAMs, see a video about the HAM topic
- calibration and estimation (SMM, SMLE) of a complex Behavioural New Keynesian model, see a video about the Macro Agent-Based Model (MABM) topic
- analysis of a Bounded Rationality New Keynesian Model (determinacy, e-stability, learning in Macro), read this article (+ paper if you like it) for more inspiration about Bounded Rationality in Macro
- Simulated Maximum Likelihood methods in Econometrics (simulation based analysis of performance, comparison to Simulated Method of Moments), check some articles here, here and here
- an advanced empirical analysis of selected Behavioural Finance topics, read about interesting behavioural patterns and anomalies here. Are these patters still detectable today? Are they detectable at other markets than where discovered? Can one reasonably profit on this knowledge?

Newly supervised master theses for 2017/18:
Sarka Krizkova: Analysis of a Behavioural New Keynesian model
Jaroslav Rosol: An advanced empirical analysis of a selected Behavioural Finance topic

Vedoucí bakalářských prací

vše/oceněné: 8/1
Oceněné: Bc. Filip Staněk

Vedoucí diplomových prací

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