JEB120 - Financial Economics

Kredit: 6
Role předmětu: Anglicky
Bakalářský - vše
BEF - core
Semestr - zimní
Garanti: PhDr. František Čech
Stránky kurzu: JEB120
Literatura: The principal textbooks:
• Bodie Z., Kane, A., Marcus, A.J. Investments. - 6th ed., 2005.
• Davies, H., Green, D. Banking on the Future: the Fall and the Rise of Central Banking, 2010.
• Hull, J.C. Risk Management and Financial Institutions. – 2nd ed, 2010.
• Rivera-Batiz, F.L., Rivera-Batiz, L.A. International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics. – 2nd ed., 1994.
• Shiller, R.J. Irrational Exuberance. - 2nd ed., 2005.

The supplementary textbooks:
• Banks, E. Risk and Financial Catastrophe. - 1st ed, 2009.
• Bhattacharya, S., Boot, A.W.A., Thakor, A.V. Credit, Intermediation, and the Macroeconomy, 2004.
• Bindseil, U., Gonzales, F., Tabakis, E. Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors, 2009.
• Crouhy, M., Galai, D., Mark, R. Risk Management, 2001.
• Černy, A. Mathematical Techniques in Finance. – 2nd ed., 2009.
• Grossman, R. Unsettled Account: the Evolution of Banking in the Industrialized World since 1800, 2010.
• Jorion, Ph. Financial Risk Manager Handbook. - 3rd ed., 2005.
• Hull, J.C. Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives. – 7th ed., 2009.
• Pennancchi, G. Asset Pricing. 2008.
• Pixley, J. Emotions in Finance: distrust and uncertainty in global markets, 2004.
• Grossman, R. Unsettled Account: the Evolution of Banking it the Industrialized World since 1800, 2010.
Popis: The course will cover the foundations of
financial markets, money markets, and banks
and their role in the economy and country
financial stability, lessons from and responses to the current financial crisis
Červenec 2018


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