JEM092 - Asset Pricing

Kredit: 6
Role předmětu: Anglicky
CSF - elective
EEI a HP - povinně volitelný
ET - povinně volitelný
F,FT a B - povinně specializační
Finanční trhy a datová analýza - povinně specializační
Magisterský - vše
MEF - elective
Semestr - letní
Garanti: PhDr. František Čech Ph.D.
Stránky kurzu: JEM092
Literatura: Bodie, Z., Kane, A. and Marcus, A. J. (2017) Investments. 11th ed. McGraw-Hill Education.
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Back, K. E., (2017): Asset pricing and portfolio choice theory
Cochrane, J. H. (2005): Asset Pricing
Munk C. (2007): Financial asset pricing theory
Sharpe, W.S. (2008): Investors and Markets Portfolio Choices, Asset Prices, and Investment Advice
Popis: The course provides basic foundations of modern asset pricing theory and aims at students interested in investment decisions, portfolio theory and risk management. Topics covered include portfolio and diversification theory, equilibrium capital markets and its implications, portfolio performance measures, value-at-risk, and credit risk.




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