1st in Central Europe in Economics and Finance (ARWU)

McKinsey & Company: Presentation for FSV IES students

Studying IES equips you with analytical and soft skills – solid fundamentals for a good career! Let us tell you more about how you can make yourself a great candidate for a career in consulting. This is an open event for all first- and second-year...

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Velká obhajoba disertační práce Petra Poláka

The defense of Petr Polák's dissertation thesis "Three Essays on Meta-Analysis" will be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 from 17:10 in room 314. More information  here . Please join the defense online in Microsoft Teams using the following link:...

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Malá obhajoba disertační práce Laure de Batz

The pre-defense of  Laure de Batz 's dissertation thesis "Three Essays on Corporate Financial Misconduct and Market Reactions " will be held on Wednesday  November 25, 2020  from  5:10 pm  in the room  314 . More information  here . The defense...

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Virtuální mobilita - HSE, Moskva

Partnerská univerzita Higher School of Economics v Moskvě nabízí studentům online mobilitu na letní semestr 2020/2021. Více informací najdete v prokliku. Termín přihlášek je 30. listopadu 2020 .

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