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Our colleagues, Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová, won the 2017 Exeter Prize


We are happy to announce, that the winners of the 2017 Exeter Prize for the best paper published in the previous calendar year in a peer-reviewed journal in the fields of Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics and Decision Theory are our colleagues Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová, together with co-authors Vojtěch Bartoš (LMU) and Filip Matějka (CERGE-EI) for their paper "Attention Discrimination: Theory and Field Experiments with Monitoring Information Acquisition", published in the American Economic Review.

The winning paper was selected by the panel of Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University), Michael Mandler (Royal Holloway, University of London), and Michel Regenwetter (University of Illinois).

The authors will be visiting the University of Exeter to receive the award and give a public lecture.

Among others, the competiotion held following nominations:

- Arthur E. Attema, Han Bleichrodt, Yu Gao, Zhenxing Huang and Peter P. Wakker. "Measuring discounting without measuring utility." published in American Economic Review.

- Stefano Ballieti, Robert L. Goldstone and Dirk Helbing. "Peer review and competition in the Art Exhibition Game." published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

- Daniel L. Chen, Tobias J. Moskowitz and Kelly Shue. "Decision making under the gambler’s fallacy: evidence from asylum judges, loan officers, and baseball umpires." published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

- Cary Frydman and Colin F. Camerer. "Neural evidence of regret and its implications for investment behavior." published in the Review of Financial Studies.

For past winners and finalists see the Exeter Prize website.




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