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The Guardian and other global media about Financial Secrecy Index


Our colleagues, Petr Janský and Miroslav Palanský, are part of a team led by Tax Justice Network, that published the Financial Secrecy Index 2018 last week. This index ranks the scale of financial secrecy and offshore financial activities of individual countries. The Index reveals as the most crucial secrecy jurisdictions (tax havens) Switzerland, USA and Cayman Islands.

The results of the Index were reported by the leading world media, such as The GuardianReutersWall Street Journal or Der Spiegel. In the Czech media, the topic is covered by a graduate of IES FSV UK, Michal Šoltés.

Petr Janský works on the development of Financial Secrecy Index since 2009. On the latest results of the Index, they co-worked with Miroslav Palanský within COFFERS EU project, where the IES FSV UK stands a partner institution.


Autor - Mgr. Lucie Křížová M.A.


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