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Public Economics Seminar: TenderHaven.EU: Where does your money go?


All researchers and students are warmly invited to the Public Economics Seminar this Monday 1 October between 12:30 and 13:50 in room 105 at IES. During this week's research seminar there will be one presentation by Miroslav Palanský titled "TenderHaven.EU: Where does your money go? Follow the money spent by your government on public procurement!". This is going to be partly a research presentation and partly a rehearsal for tomorrow's EU Datathon 2018 final in Brussels.

Our researchers are among the finalists of the EU Datathon 2018. The team is led by researchers Petr Janský, Miroslav Palanský, and Jiří Skuhrovec. Their TenderHaven.EU sheds new light on European public procurement tenders and their suppliers, with a particular focus on companies linked to tax havens. You can now access TenderHaven.EU online and see "where your money goes". It is a work in progress so any feedback will be appreciated by the authors, who invite you for their presentation on Monday 1st October at 12:30 in room 105 (with the final event taking place on Tuesday 2nd October in Brussels). TenderHaven.EU presents results on the basis of Datlab's public procurement and company ownership data that researchers are working on as part of the GA ČR project Tax havens and financial secrecy.


What is Public Economics Seminar?   Public Economics Seminar are ocassional research seminars that take place usually at lunchtime (12:30-13:50) in room 105 at the Institute of Economic Studies. The organisers are Petr Janský, Sarah Godar, and Miroslav Palanský.   Public Economics Seminar aims to be an opportunity for researchers, students of economics and experts to meet like-minded people, to develop and strengthen research collaborations, support learning from each other and to discuss policy-relevant research in public economics and public finance. The research questions being answered should include the role of government, public expenditure, inequality, taxation and tax havens.   The participants should actively engage by presenting their current research, reviewing others’ work or contributing to a general discussion. Mostly there will be two speakers during every 80-minute seminar with up to 40 minutes for each: 15 minutes for a presenter, 5 minutes for a reviewer and up to 20 minutes for a discussion. Sometimes there will be only one speaker.   Officially, this is an informal seminar - there are neither official requirements nor official rewards. If you are interested, please come and give it a try! A light lunch will be served for all participants.

Autor - doc. Petr Janský Ph.D.


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