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A Year After - The Cohort of June 2017


We regularly ask our graduates what do they do a year after finishing their studies at the IES. We chose several profiles for your inspiration and also to show the possible ways IES graduates can go. Edita Ďurovčíková joined KPMG several months after her IES graduation, Václav Brož works at the CNB, Aleksa Radosavčević is just starting at the London-based start-up causaLens as a Quantitative Researcher, Tomáš Václavíček lives in Brussels and works for the European Commission and Petr Kupka acts at this moment as an assistant in the audit department at the PwC in Canton Zug, Switzerland. Their profiles can be found in the Year After section here.

Autor - Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová


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