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Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Awards 2018 in Amsterdam


IES students were awarded in the first year of the Deloitte DOT Award 2018 on 1 October 2018 as part of Deloitte global leaders’ meeting in Amsterdam. Mark Pighini, Andrew Robinson and Jan Marek, economics, valuation and modelling leaders for Global, EMEA and Central Europe, handed the award to Mikayel Harutyunyan for his bachelor thesis “The Truth Behind the Lies: The Experiment”, Marek Lipán for his master’s thesis “Artificial Prediction Markets, Forecast Combinations and Classical Time Series” and Adam Nedvěd for his master’s thesis “Analysis of Term Structures in High Frequencies”. Other two holders of the Deloitte DOT Award 2018 include Karolína Chalupová for her bachelor thesis “The Impact of Just-in-Time Inventory Management on Business Cycle Severity” and Jan Vainer for his bachelor thesis “Extending Hotelling’s location model into Agent-based domain”. Deloitte recognized the quality of all these five theses, the ability to think critically and innovatively – the skills that are valued both in the academic and business world.

Autor - Mgr. Lucie Křížová M.A.


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