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Our students won an international University Trading Challenge


A team of our students called TradIES, composed of Nicolas Fanta, Oskar Gottlieb, Pavel Irinkov and Dominik Vach, won the 2018 University Trading Challenge competition that takes place in Italy. This international two-round trading competition for the university students is organized by an Italian broker Directa. The aim of the contest is to maximize the value of a virtual capital through online trading in a period of approximately 9 months.

The key for the success was the second round of the competition in which the students had to make the most of the real 5,000 € within six months. Due to the growing instability of the Turkish regime, the team decided to speculate on a decline of the Turkish lira. During the competition, the Turkish lira actually weakened by more than 25%, making the team able to leverage the bills by 80% in the first round and approximately by 120% in the second round.

At the end of the competition, the team had a big lead over the other opponents, ranging between 60-100%. The convincing lead was kept in the last weeks and thus the TradIES secured a victory.

"Overall, the competition was an interesting and beneficial experience for us. We are glad that we could try to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during our studies at IES," says Nicolas Fanta.

We congratulate the students to the victory and thank for an excellent promotion of our institute.

Autor - Mgr. Ema C. Stašová


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