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Helicopter money: An innovative article is attracting worldwide attention


Our colleague Tomáš Havránek, together with Mojmír Hampl, introduces and develops the concept of direct household consumption support by the central bank.

The idea of "spreading money from a helicopter" and thus helping growth in demand and inflation at a time when the economy is in a downturn resonates in academic circles since the late 1960s. Hampl and Havránek connect the idea of direct consumption support with the possibilities of modern electronic technologies.

In May, the article was among the 10 most downloaded articles on the entire RePEc platform (Research Paper in Economics, which contains two million articles) and Martin Sandbu of Financial Times tweeted about it. The same did Eric Lonergan, author of the Philosophy of Money portal, where he also dealt with the topic in a special article.

You can read the article from here.

Autor - Mgr. Ema C. Stašová


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