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Minutes from the 1st meeting of the newly elected Academic Senate of FSV UK


During the first meeting on Tuesday, 4 February, the new Board of the Academic Senate of the Faculty for the period 2019-2021 was elected, consisting of the President of the Academic Senate Václav Moravec (IKSŽ), the Vice-President of the Academic Senate Ondřej Šveda (ISS) and members of the Board Jaromír Soukup (IPS) and Šimon Appelt (IES).

Furthermore, the commissions of the Academic Senate were established: economic, legislative, study, for development, and social. IES representatives became members of all standing commissions and of the temporary commission for development. In the click, you will find a list of approved resolutions (in Czech only), the complete minutes will be followed by the approval of the March meeting.

The dates of the Academic Senate meetings were approved in the summer semester: 5 March, 2 April, 7 May and 4 June 2019. The meeting are public and will take place from 15:00 in Room H212 (Hollar building). The agenda for the coming meeting is standardly published a week in advance on the Academic Senate website.

News can be followed also on the Academic Senate Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.

(Source of the picture: Politologický klub FSV UK Facebook page.)

Autor - PhDr. Jiří Kukačka Ph.D.


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