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Four doctoral students received scholarships from the Donatio Prize


Professor Kočenda has awarded four talented doctoral students with special doctoral scholarships. The scholarships are funded by a major research award, called Donatio Universitatis Carolinae, that Prof. Kočenda received from the Rector of Charles University in Spring 2019.

From applications of the first-year students, the following four students with most promising research plans were awarded: Emma Haas, Natalia Lee, Josef Bajzík, and Marek Šedivý.

The support is to help them to progress with their research at fast and solid rate right from the beginning of their studies. Further support is expected for a group of first-year students in the next academic year. 

We thank Prof. Kočenda for the award and congratulate the awardees.

Autor - doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.




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