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JEM198 Bank Asset and Liability Management re-opened in Feb 2020


How do banks balance their assets and liabilities? Did you know that even local banks run positions in derivatives in hundreds of billions? What money do you consider stickier – deposits on current or term accounts?
Asset liability management of banks is a marriage of banking strategy and financial markets. ALM teams are responsible for steering interest rate and liquidity position of an institution. For this, both bonds and derivatives are frequently used, along with internal FTP based tools. The course covers funds transfer pricing, hedging with derivatives and bonds, steering liquidity and interest rates position, ALM in negative rates environment or Libor regulation changes. Mid-level understanding of banking and financial market products is a pre-requisite for enrollment. Course lecturers (Viktor Kotlán, Michal Walos) are present and past managers of ALM in largest Czech retail bank (Česká spořitelna).

Autor - Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová




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