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JEM142 Banking and Financial Regulation


Do you want to try what it is like to apply for a banking licence? The course Banking and Financial Regulation offers the IES students a unique opportunity for a deeper view into the broad and relatively dynamically developing area of regulation and rules the banks have to follow today. In the course we combine theoretical and practical approach when during the lectures and introductory seminars the regulatory framework is presented. For a deeper understanding serves the practical part consisting of guest lectures taught by people from the field and of active participation of students on a preparation of the banking licence application presented then on the seminars.

Lecturers in the course currently work in ČSOB and KPMG .

For the course enrolment no prerequisite is obliged. However, we recommend to previously pass at least one of the following courses: JEB027 Financial Economics, JEB153 Introductory Banking or JEM032 Banking.

Autor - Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová




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