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COVID-19 - latest information


For the latest information, please follow FSV UK website.

If you have questions about the coronavirus, write to or call to +420 224 491 850 (Monday–Thursday 8:00–17:00, Friday 8:00–16:00). 

Official contact person for students is Lukas Budin +420 222 112 254 (

Information for exchange and visiting students can be found here. Please contact our international office's coordinators in case you wish to return home and cancel your mobility:

  • Erasmus students:
  • Inter-faculty, Inter-government, ICM etc.:

Read more on the international office page. 

Current measures of CU and FSV UK on the current situation /16. 3./ 

In connection with Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic no. 215/2020 Coll., dated 15 March 2020, on the adoption of crisis measures prohibiting the free movement of people on the territory of the Czech Republic, Charles University’s rector announces the following:

Teaching and presence in the workplace

All pedagogical activities are allowed only by distance form. With effect from Monday 16 March 2020 from 16.00 (4 PM) to Tuesday 24 March 2020 inclusive (or until the revocation of the crisis measures stated above), any form of individual instruction, including individual consultations, individual examinations, and state examinations, is prohibited (including rigorous and doctoral examinations).

With effect from 0.00 (midnight) on 17 March 2020 all CU buildings shall be closed and access shall be granted only to employees and students under conditions set by the dean of the relevant faculty of director of the CU constituent part with respect to ensuring the performance of tasks essential to the operation of CU. In the case of the continuation of activities at individual workplaces, we ask all employees to respect the increased hygiene requirements and to behave responsibly both to those around them and to themselves.

FSV UK students are not allowed to enter our buildings until Tuesday 24 March 2020 until further notice. The ban does not apply to doctoral students who are also employed at FSV UK. The staff of FSV UK is available on e-mails and telephones - office hours of individual departments will be gradually published. The directors of individual institutes are responsible for trouble-free contactless consultations and teaching.

International students and employees

The instructions contained in Rector's memorandum of 13 March 2020 remain in force. The arrival of students from abroad, or international students, if they are permitted to enter the Czech Republic, shall be dealt with on an individual basis. International students should contact the representative offices of their own countries for a possible exemption from travel bans.

Student residences

Student residences shall continue to operate.

Once again, we call on all students in accommodation at residences to not gather, to comply with strict hygiene rules, and to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and to others. We realize that the situation faced by students in residences will be complicated in the next few days, but we believe that calm, conscious behaviour shall help us to manage the situation together.

In the event that quarantine measures are adopted in rooms or parts of residences, those who are in quarantine must strictly comply with all measures introduced and all conditions of quarantine.


With effect from Tuesday, March 17, 2020, only the Kajetánka Refectory shall be in operation (they offer cooked food). 

Food shall be delivered to the following dispensing points:

  • Albertov
  • Sport
  • HTF
  • Jinonice
  • Hvězda
  • U Rotlevů

The Snídárna at the Komenského Student Residence shall remain in operation. Discussions on continuing the operation of refectories and dispensing points in Pilsen and Hradec Králové are ongoing. Operation in all buffets shall cease.

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the number of meals will be evaluated and further reductions can be made.

UK Point, Centrum Carolina advisory centre, Hostivař sport complex and training centres

UK Point, the Centrum Carolina advisory centre, the Hostivař sport centre and training centres are closed.

Card dispensing points

Card dispensing points are closed with effect from Monday, March 16, 2020 14.00 (2 PM) 

On-line support remains functional.

Should you have any issues concerning your password, please follow the instructions on the following website To contact online support office, click on the link “Resolve problem with Central Authentication Service” in the “Information and instructions” section. It is also possible to invalidate online or subsequently renew the card through and login

Rectorate of CU

The operation of the Rectorate of Charles University remains secured by means of remote access (electronic communication, telephone connection). Selected fixed lines are redirected to mobile phones of contact staff of the Rectorate of Charles University. The list of redirected fixed lines for individual departments will be posted on Tuesday 17 March on the UK website.

/ 16. 3. 2020 /


In accordance with the Ministry of Health Resolution No. 10676/2020 - 1 / MIN / KAN, the personal presence of students and course participants at classes is prohibited with effect from tomorrow, ie 11/3/2020, regardless of the form of study (full-time, distance and combined).

  • With effect from 10/03/2020 from 6 PM (18:00) all ceremonial gatherings (graduations, etc.) at the UK are canceled.
  • With effect from 10/03/2020 from 6 PM (18:00) all meetings (conferences and symposia, sporting events and other events) with the expected participation of more than one hundred people are canceled.
  • Until further notice, the FSV UK library is closed.
  • Until further notice, the International Office remains open according to regular office hours. 

However, despite the current measures, we do not want to resign from teaching and education and research activities at Charles University. Teachers and academics will ensure the continuity of the education process through distance learning. The teachers will contact you about the further possibilities of education after receiving the information from the Vice-Dean Krištoufek. We ask the students not to underestimate their studies under the current situation. Individual consultations and individual study controls are not generally canceled.


Currently, there are no plans to alter the schedule of the 2019/2020 academic year. However, if extraordinary measures remain in place longer, changes will be taken to extend classes and the exam period to extend into June and July 2020. We are gauging what constitutes a standard study period (with regards to mandatory fees) and are preparing changes to internal regulations – should they prove necessary.

The Rector’s Sports Day (scheduled for 6 May 2020) has been canceled to allow more time for teaching (if classes resume).

Foreign trips

All Charles University students and staff are currently forbidden from traveling abroad, effective immediately and until further notice.

Erasmus +

Students returning from – or having traveled through – high-risk areas abroad are required to self-isolate for 14 days and to not come into contact with teachers, other university staff or fellow students. University faculties can modify this requirement in the case of medical students who want to volunteer to help during the crisis, providing they are not returning from a high-risk country where mandatory self-isolation/quarantine is required by the government under the state of emergency resolution.

Faculty deans will ensure that students returning from abroad will have the opportunity to complete the spring semester in the academic year of 2019/2020 so as to continue in their studies next year unhindered. In such cases, block study, or e-courses at partner universities abroad where students are already enrolled can count towards students’ successful completion of the semester.

The Foreign Relations office at the Charles University rectorate has contacted all foreign students studying at Charles University and informed them about developments. For now, foreign students on Erasmus exchange programmes are not required to return to their native countries.

Foreign students at Charles University wishing to end their stay early may apply the “Act of God” clause, which will allow them to draw their stipend from the day of arrival to the day of early departure. There is also the possibility, being discussed with the national bureau for the Erasmus programme in the Czech Republic, the Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS), for foreign students to be exempt from returning funds already spent, for example, on accommodation.

Foreign students already studying at Charles University or setting out, are required to respect the same requirements as all other students (described in the rector’s announcement of 10 March 2020).

Other forms of mobility

It will be negotiated that any students who qualified for mobility programmes on offer (Fond mobility, POINT, inter-university contracts, other) who have missed the opportunity to go abroad, will be able to do so at a later date, after the state of emergency is lifted and conditions are suitable again.

Students already abroad under such mobility programmes are recommended to get in touch and remain in contact with the closest local representative office of the Czech Republic and to carefully consider the situation. We leave it up to these students to rationally weight the risks of staying versus returning home (including the mandatory quarantine period) as well as potential risk represented for family members, partners, etc.)

Students who qualified for funding in internal university competitions but were unable to move ahead with their project because of current circumstances will be given priority and top the list next semester or next year once conditions are suitable. Students who began projects but were unable to complete them and already spent some funds, will not be required to return those to the university.

Charles University is ready to try and help any students and staff currently in the United Stated or other countries that have enacted travel bans with Europe, should they request it.

Full-degree students abroad

In the case of foreign full-degree students, the situation is different as some of them can be expected to wish to return to their home countries. Charles University undertakes to provide all help and assistance required to enable foreign students to leave for their home countries. At the same time, however, those students who decide to travel to their home countries have to consider whether and when they will be able or allowed to return to the Czech Republic, especially in the event that the lectures are resumed.


The following refectories remain open:

  • University canteens (menza): Albertov (Albertov street), Kajetánka (Radimova stret), Sport (J. Martího street), Na Kotli (Hradec Králové - Na Kotli street), Šafránkův pavilon (Plzeň/Pilsen - Ales Svobody street)
  • Counters (výdejna): HTF (Pacovska street, Jinonice building including “buffet”– shortened opening hours - from 8:00 – 14:00, Hvězda (Zvoníčkova street), Lidická (Plzeň/Pilsen - Ales Svobody street)
  • Buffet and counter LF (Plzeň/Pilsen)
  • Buffet UHK (Hradec Králové)
  • Bufet RUK – shortened hours 8:00 – 14:00
  • Brunch counter at Komenského dormitories
  • Coffee „U Rotlevů“ – standard opening hours 8:00 – 20:00

From March 16, 2020, the following sites will be closed until further notice

  • University canteens (menza): Faculty of Law (Prague), Arnošta z Pardubic (Voršilská street), Budeč (Wenzigova street), 
  • Buffet Faculty of Law 
  • Student's Club Celetná (Celetna street)

Charles University ID cards

ID pick-up sites at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics were shut down on March 12.

Pick-up centres in Celetná Street and in Hradec Králové remain open but with modified opening hours: from 10h00 to 14h00. The site in Pilsen is operating without changes.

CU Point chill out zone

The chill out zone at CU Point (Celetná 13, Prague 1) will be closed from March 16 until further notice. Services offered by CU Point for students, applicants, staff, and graduates remain unaffected.

Carolinum Advisory Services

Carolinum Advisory Services are continuing unimpeded.

Hostivař Sports Centre

Hostivař Sports Centre is closed from March 13, 2020 until further notice. All planned events at the centre are hereby cancelled. Compensation for cancelled events will be discussed with the relevant parties next week.

Training Centres

The following training centres will be closed until further notice beginning on March 16, 2020.

  • VS Patejdlova bouda
  • VS Pec pod Sněžkou (chata VAK)
  • VS Albeř
  • VS Horní Poříčí
  • VS Dobronice

All events planned at the sites named are hereby cancelled, whether training, pedagogical, recreational or otherwise. Booked and paid reservations, including pre-paid meals, will be refunded in full.

Information service:

tel.: +420 224 491 850

Issued by Rector Tomáš Zima on March 13 at 1PM

Source: CU News. 

/ 14. 3. 2020 /

Autor - Mgr. Ema C. Stašová

March 2020




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