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Czech government approved a new decree for entering and leaving the territory of CR


On April 30, 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic approved a new Decree that defines rules for the Czech citizens and foreigners entering the territory of the Czech Republic.

Based on the new Decree, students who had already lived and studied on the territory of the Czech Republic before the state of emergency was declared are obliged to report their arrival immediately after they enter the Czech Republic. They have to report it either via phone or any other remote access to the regional hygienic station respective according to their place of residence and comply with an ordered mandatory 14-day quarantine. Up to 72 hours after the entry it is possible to undergo the PCR test, however, it is necessary to inform the regional hygienic station.

They can also submit PCR testing results certificate upon entry, and thus they are not subjected to ordered mandatory quarantine. However, the students are subject to a free movement limitation within the territory of the Czech Republic for 14 days after entering the Czech territory, with the exception of travel to school (possibly work), necessary travels for the provision of necessities, travel to the doctor, travel for urgent official affairs, travel back to the place of residence or attending funerals. The PCR test is done on their expenses.

Students traveling to the Czech Republic without previous stay or study at the territory of the Czech Republic are as well as Czech citizens traveling back from abroad obliged to inform about their date and manner of entry into the territory of the Czech Republic by remote access set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are obliged to submit the PCR testing results certificate at the entry and undergo a subsequent PCR testing between the 10th and 14th day after the entry. The PCR test is done on their own expenses. Likewise, all these students are subjected to a free movement limitation within the territory of the Czech Republic for 14 days after entering the Czech territory or undergo mandatory 14day quarantine. In case they do not submit the PCR test upon entry to the country they are not allowed to use public transport or taxi service (including Uber) while traveling to the place of stay in the Czech Republic.

Detailed information on pupils and students entering the territory of the Czech Republic can be found at the Ministery of Interior webpage. 

With regard to dynamic changes within coronavirus, it is highly recommended to follow the Ministery of Interior webpage, section COVID-19.

After the ending of the state of emergency, which will most probably be May 17, 2020, foreign nationals whose residence permit expired during the state of emergency are obliged to leave the Czech Republic within 60 days. Detailed information can be found on the MOI webpage.

Traveling across the borders is limited for the duration of the state of emergency. Persons living in the territory of the Czech Republic are allowed to exit the country, and the purpose of the exit will not be checked during the border controls anymore. See detailed information on the MOI webpage

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