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Petr Janský received Nordic Tax Research Council’s article prize 2020


Nordic Tax Research Council has awarded its 2020 article prize to Professor Richard Murphy, City University, London, Associate Professor Petr Janský, Charles University, and Professor Atul K Shah, City University London, for their article "BEPS Policy Failure – The Case of EU Country-By-Country Reporting".

Nordic Tax Journal's Editorial Board elected the article as the best article published in Nordic Tax Journal in 2019.

In the article data disclosed by the financial sector due to the required public country-by-country reporting is analyzed. The purpose was to test whether these data suggest the existence of persistent tax avoidance by banks because of excessive location of profits in tax havens. The authors found evidence for that. However, another important and surprising finding undermined the conclusion. Because of a poor regulation, the banks reported in significant different ways resulting in a poor quality of the data. Therefore the authors recommend a much-improved regulation if further iterations of public-by-public reporting are to be a success.

The article was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 727145 - Combating Financial Fraud and Empowering Regulators (COFFERS,

Autor - Mgr. Ema C. Stašová




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