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New reporting guidleines for meta-analysis in economics have been published


Meta‐analysis has become the conventional approach to synthesizing the results of empirical economics research. The first version of generally accepted guidelines for meta-analysis reporting was published in 2013 in Journal of Economic Surveys. Within the past seven years the number of published meta‐analyses has risen exponentially, and the diversity among them has increased as well. With the aim to improve the transparency and replicability of the reported results and to raise the quality of meta‐analyses in the future, our colleague Tomáš Havránek initiated a project, within which a team of experts from University of Zurich, University of Augsburg, Tilburg University and other research centres cooperated to create a thorough, clear, updated and completed set of reporting guidelines. These have recently been published in Journal of Economic Surveys - all meta-analyses submitted to this journal should follow the guidelines explicitly and future meta‐analyses in economics will also be expected to follow the new norm or only differ in small details. 


Autor - Barbora Holková




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