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European Business Forum online and free of charge for IES students


European Business Forum, Danish platform connecting Europe’s business leaders and ideas, 

is organizing its traditional conference in a smaller, more local form, which will be accessible worldwide via an online streaming. 

The event named  "Competing in a changing world" will take place on December 3, 2020, 9:00-16:00.

Two main themes will be debated during the day:

1. What should companies demand from the countries they operate in?
2. New business models, strategies, and leadership during and after the pandemic?

The sessions will include:

World Competitiveness 2020, with Arturo Bris, IMD Business School
Demark vs Singapore, with Martin Roll, Martin Roll Company
Future Denmark, with Rasmus Larsen from DTU
Reimagining Capitalism, with Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School
The Changing Face of Globalisation with BSS Aarhus professor Philip Schröder 

The detailed schedule is available here.

Students and employees of the Faculty of Social Sciences are offered a free access. 
Please, register via the following link:


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