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Voucher privatization anniversary: interview with Prof. Kočenda


This week marks exactly 30 years since the beginning of the first round of voucher privatisations in post-communist Czechoslovakia.
The government made it possible then for any adult citizen of the country to buy a “voucher book” that contained vouchers and use them to acquire shares in a range of privatized companies or shares in privatization funds. 

How does Professor Evžen Kočenda, who is also an expert on the topic of economic transformation, look back on this phenomenon today?  Was voucher privatisation a good decission? Which parts of it were successful in spite of difficult times and an imperfect environment, and which ones could have been done better or differently from today's point of view? 

You can listen to Tom Mc Enchroe's interview with our colleague for Radio Prague International in English here

Photo: Rios, public domain

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