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New health insurance financing model to be developed at IES, funded by EIC


Congratulations to our colleague Jana Votápková and her team for receiving a grant support from the European Commission's prestigious Horizon Europe call! The supported international and multidisciplinary project FLASH (Flexible Approaches to Support Health through financing) aims to conduct a thorough analysis of current healthcare financing mechanisms in Europe and to help European policy makers and healthcare providers to define appropriate financing models to make the healthcare system sustainable, stable and equitable in the future. Thanks to this project, they should be able to better deal with long-term challenges such as as an ageing population and the increasing incidence of chronic and long-term diseases, as well as sudden crises (such as the Covid-19 pandemics) and the need to shift the already limited financial and human resources to the areas of greatest need. 

The four-year project, scheduled for launch at the beginning of 2023, is divided into 10 sub-projects involving 18 institutions from 9 countries (Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands), with the University of Verona, where our colleague  Paola Bertoli is also based, as the main coordinator of the project. The total amount of support for the project is €5 million.

Two of these sub-projects, namely the proposal of a model for sustainable financing of health insurance in the Czech Republic and a model for quantifying price differences in cross-border health care, will be carried out in the Czech Republic through two cooperating institutions - IES FSV UK and the Health Insurance Office. The research team consists of our colleague Jana Votápková and external collaborators Pavel Hroboň (Advanced Healthcare Management Institute in Prague) and Anne Spranger from TU Berlin. These sub-projects account for €400 thousand out of the total support, which makes them of the largest sub-researches of the whole project.

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February 2023




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