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Sylvie Dvořáková (April 2016)

Sylvie Dvořáková finished her studies at the IES with the PhDr. in Economics in 2014. She passed two study stays abroad, first at the University of Sorbonne in Paris and the second at the University of Washington in Seattle. On the second one she appeared on the Dean's List, for excellent study results. She was also a member of academic senate at the FSS CU. In 2010. she started working as an Executive Assistant to PhDr. Tomáš Sedláček. Among her duties, Sylvie was responsible for his time schedule, she was organizing his foreign travels and the propagation of his book Economics of Good and Evil. At the same time Sylvie was working for the National Economic Council of the Czech Government as the main coordinator of its student part. She was responsible for hiring new students, she also participated at the proceedings, and as a member of Public Finance subcommittee she, together with Tomáš Sedláček, wrote a document recapitalizing all Public Finance reforms and world institutions’ recommendations since 1999. After completing her master studies, Sylvie started to work as a Business Analyst at the department of Risk Consulting at KPMG. She focused mainly on the consulting within the banking sector. She also became the face of the KPMG hiring campaign. In 2015 Sylvie was hired to PPF group as a Regulatory Reporting Specialist Senior. Currently she works there as a Head of Regulatory Reporting and she is responsible for the regulatory reporting for the financial part of the Group to the Czech National Bank. She deals with banking and prudential regulation in terms of capital and liquidity adequacy according to CRR/CRD regulation. In her free time, Sylvie likes painting, indoor climbing, badminton, she meditates and is interested in personal development.

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Pavel Streblov (March 2016)

Pavel Streblov comes from Mariánské Lázně and he finished his studies at the IES in 2005. Since 2012 he has been working at the development section of Penta Investments as Senior Business Development Manager. He is responsible for major development projects in Prague, such as the revitalization of the former factory Waltrovka, the project „Business Central District“ in the surroundings of the Masaryk Train Station and he is also involved in the expansion of the real estate division of Penta in Poland. Before 2012 Pavel was working as an External Advisor for the revitalization of banking real estate portfolios and as an Investment Manager at the Discovery Group Fund 3C L.P. He was responsible for the analyses and for the acquisitions of the real estate projects in there. Even during his Bachelor studies Pavel, together with some his IES colleagues, was working in the commercial think-tank e-Merit on the publication The Rise and Fall of IPB. He prospered from this knowledge of the banking sector at the position of an Advisor at the Ministry of Finance which lasted two years and later on at the internship in London at JPMorgan. After the graduation at the IES, Pavel started to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science and in 2006 he gained another MSc in European Political Economy. In 2014 Pavel acquired the third MSc in Real Estate at the University of Reading. Pavel relaxes mainly by the sport; he plays basketball and he likes skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

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Katarína Marková (February 2016)

Katarína Marková comes from the Slovak Bratislava. She finished her studies at the IES in 2009. During her Master’s studies she passed a study stay at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Her working path has started at the company EEIP, after that she started to work in Bancroft Private Equity at the position of the Investment Analyst. During this practice, she also spent some time in Vienna. In 2012 she begun to work in the Strategy Division of ČEZ. Two years later Katarina moved to Israel where she started to study Soafer International MBA at the Tel Aviv University. While studying she has been interning in the Incentive technology incubator and now, after completing her MBA, she works at KPMG as Senior Associate in M&A. She helps Israeli companies with international expansion, mainly through raising of capital from international investors. She also volunteers at the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel. In her free time, Katarína likes travelling, does joga, and she studies Hebrew.

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Tomáš Vyhnánek  (January 2016)

Tomáš Vyhnánek was born in České Budějovice and graduated at the IES in 2005. Since July 2015, Tomas has been the Deputy Minister of Finance - section Financial Management and Audit. Previously, he was the Director of Central Harmonization Unit. Tomáš is an expert in Analysis, Controlling and Audit of Public Finances. He has held various managerial positions at Deloitte Advisory and CSOB with focus on public administration. He also worked as the Director of Analytical Departments of the Ministry of Health. Tomáš started his career during his studies at the IES. He founded with other students the e-Merit company, which specializes in the analysis and case studies of leading transformation projects. The main project of this student commercial think-tank was the study The Rise and Fall of IPB (2002). During undergraduate studies, Tomáš also worked in the Office of the President of the Senate. After successful Bachelor's degrees in Economics at the IES and Political Science and International Relations at the IPS FSV UK, Tomáš chose the field of Economic Policy for his Master's program. He studied Czech studies and history on the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, but he did not finish these studies. Tomas devotes his leisure mainly to organizational and educational activities within the Embellishment Society for Terčino Valley, New Castle and surroundings, of which he is Vice-Chairman.

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Tereza Lokajíčková (December 2015)

Tereza Lokajíčková was born in Prague and finished her studies at the IES in 2010. She managed to pass her first study stay abroad at the University of Bath, UK, already during her bachelor studies. For her Master she chose the programme Economics, Economic Policy and European Integration. Meanwhile, she started to work as audit assistant in Deloitte where she stayed for two years. During her Master’s programme, she started to do research for the French Institute for Research in Social Science and she worked as financial analyst in Discovery Group. In 2010 she moved to Belgium, where she was hired by ING as business and market analyst. Later she got the position of socio-economic analyst at the European Commission. At the same time Tereza studied law at the University of London and she passed several courses at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Currently, she works as case handler in Directorate-General for Competition at the European Commission. In her free time, Tereza plays the saxophone in a Czech music group and she likes dancing. However, she spends most of her free time with her family, she is married and she has a two-year-old daughter.

For interview with Tereza follow this link.


Filip Rozsypal (November 2015)

Filip Rozsypal was born in Prague and he started his studies at the IES in 2002. A year later he began to study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. He successfully finished both with the Bachelor degree and then continued at the IES in Master program Economic Theories. Meanwhile he spent a semester abroad, in France at the University of Sorbonne. After finishing his Masters, Filip decided to study at the prestigious London School of Economics and was awarded a second Master degree here. Thanks to the scholarship from the Bakala Foundation, Filip continued in his doctoral studies in Cambridge. He spent an academic year in the USA at the Stanford University. Filip finished his doctorate title this year (2015) and he started to work as a Research Office (Post-Doc.) at the London School of Economics in May. When he has some spare time, Filip relaxes by playing football, chess and guitar. He admits, however, that he has almost no time for these hobbies.

For interview with Filip follow this link 


Vít Bubák (October 2015)

Vít Bubák comes from Pardubice and he finished his doctoral studies at the IES in 2010. During his studies he had a number of study stays abroad. As soon as he enrolled in the Masters program, he spent a semester at the University of Queensland and right after that at Université Catholique de Louvain. He finished his Masters at the IES in 2005 and, while a doctoral student, he also worked at Wood & Company in Prague, taught courses at the IES and at the Anglo American University in Prague, and graduated with a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Iowa. In 2010, he finished his doctoral studies and was awarded a doctoral degree both by the IES and Sorbonne in Paris. He has subsequently worked as an Associate Director for Fitch Solutions in London and New York, spent some time working as an Analytical Consultant at Credit Capital Advisory, and currently works as a Statistician/Lead Analytical Consultant at Dun and Bradstreet in Washington, D.C. Vít was awarded a number of scholarships, e.g. from the French government, from Accenture/Open Society Fund, Sasakawa Young Leaders Foundation, and others. His research was awarded the Gaudeamus Award and two Alumni Prizes. Vít devotes his free time to his family.

For interview with Vít follow this link 


Petra Šobotníková (September 2015)

Petra Šobotníková was born in Prague and after attending a bilingual high school she started to study at the Institute of Economic Studies. During her studies, she participated in a couple of study abroad trips. She spent a semester in Germany, at the University of Hamburg, and later one term in the USA, Seattle, at the University of Washington. She has even been awarded a Quarterly Dean’s List honors there. Petra finished her master studies in 2011 and in the same year she started to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit in Prague in the Assurance Department. In 2014 she was offered a job to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the United Kingdom in the town of Milton Keynes. She works there as Senior Associate. Petra is currently finishing her ACCA qualification and in her free time  she travels a lot.  

For interview with Petra follow this link  


Jan Zika (August 2015)

Jan Zika graduated from IES’s finance and banking program in 2007. He started his professional career in investment banking but soon switched to media. He has a varied background in television production having launched the Czech Republic’s first business news channel Z1 as Managing Editor and Head of Programming. In addition to programming strategy for the channel he also managed development of on-air graphics systems and data-driven financial graphics. At Czech Television, the Czech Republic’s national broadcaster, Jan oversaw graphics production for the Evening News, revived the on-air presentation style, and later served as news anchor and host of the morning news programs on the CT1 and CT24 channels. He has also consulted on production and content management systems and user experience design. Due to his broad array of experience in television and product development he was hired by NBCUniversal, the world’s largest mass-media company, to support its growth in real-time graphics.

For interview with Jan follow this link. 


Tomáš Roubal  (July 2015)

Tomáš Roubal was born in South Bohemia and he graduated at the IES in 2005. During his studies he spent a semester in Finland, at the Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan, and later another semester in Germany, at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. In the course of these study stays he was interested in health economics and he focused on this also during his studies at the University of New Orleans, USA. He has devoted his whole career to the field of health economics and health policy. In 2007 he worked at the Ministry of Health, as Main analyst, later on as Project manager, Advisor to the Minister of Health or Head of division of the health insurance funds regulation. In 2012 Tomáš worked at the OECD in Paris as an Intern. Currently, he is working as Health economist at the World Health Organization in South Africa, in Pretoria. Tomáš spends his free time by reading books, cycling, and practicing Iyengar yoga. He likes travelling as well, mostly going back to the Czech Republic.

For interview with Tomáš follow this link. 


Zuzana Posoldová (June 2015)

Zuzana Posoldová (maiden name Tóthová) comes from Nove Zamky in Slovakia. She finished her studies at the IES in 2007. During her high-school studies she gained a number of foreign experiences. First, she spent a year studying in Australia and the following year at a high-school in Austria. She continued in her studies abroad also during university studies. During her Bachelors she spent a year at the University of Bath in the UK. During her Masters she chose the specialization of Finance and Banking and she passed a semester at the University of Konstanz in Germany. Furthermore, she studied French at the Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis in France. She speaks six languages fluently. Zuzana started her career during her Bachelor studies. In 2002, she began to work as an Analyst and PR assistant at BNP Paribas Asset Management. When she graduated, she became a Credit Analyst at BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking. In 2010, she moved to Sweden, where she took on the position of the Head of Credit Analysts at BNP Paribas Fortis. She is currently on maternity leave with her second child. In her free time Zuzana enjoys cycling, skating, snowboarding and travelling.

For interview with Zuzana follow this link. 


Viktor Zeisel (May 2015)

Viktor Zeisel was born in Prague and he finished his studies at the IES in 2011. He currently works at Komerční banka as an Economist, and he has been devoted to banking since the time of his studies. Viktor started his career at the department of the Investor relations at ČSOB where he worked during his bachelor studies. Then he spent a year abroad, at the University of Constance in Germany, partially thanks to the Erasmus program and partially thanks to the joint scholarship of Uof C, German-Czech company in Constance and the town Constance. When choosing his masters program, Victor decided to study the IES/CERGE-EI Joint Master in Economic Theory. At the same time he began to work at Komerční banka as an Analyst. Viktor later switched to the position of Economist in Monetary and Statistics Department at the Czech National Bank. He recently came back to Komerční banka as a senior Economist. Viktor spends his free time mainly doing sports activityies - he likes biking, hiking or swimming. He also relaxes by reading.

For interview with Viktor follow this link. 


Michal Šinka (April 2015)

Michal Šinka was born in Trenčín, Slovakia, and he graduated from the IES in 2011. His career path, however, took a completely different direction. Currently he lives in Prague and he is a professional musician and music producer. Michal has played the guitar since he was a child and after finishing high school he started to study at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. At the same time he began to study at the IES, as economic studies were the way to leave the door open for a career other than music. He finished both programs in the same year, and even after that he published several economic papers. Nevertheless, the music won. Michal was awarded a scholarship for the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, where he continued with his musical studies and majored in Guitar Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production. He finished it in 2014. Even during his studies he started composing and producing music. He combines classical guitar music with jazz, Brazilian styles and pop. Currently, Michal cooperates e.g. with a young American singer Claudia Atkinson. When he is not involved with music, he studies foreign languages. Together with travelling, this activity is one of his favorite ways to spend his free time.

For interview with Michal follow this link.  


Adrian Lupusor  (March 2015)

Adrian Lupusor comes from Chisina, Republic of Moldova. He started his studies at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova where he received an MA in Financial and Banking Administration in 2010. The same year he began to study with us in the Master in Economics and Finance. He finished graduating “cum laude” in 2012. Adrian started to gain his working experience during his studies.

For interview with Adrian follow this link.   


Ivona Butcher  (February 2015)

Ivona Butcher (maiden name Hrušová) was born in Pardubice. She finished her studies at the IES, with a major in Finance, Financial Markets and Banking in 2011 with the PhDr. title. During her bachelor studies, she took the opportunity to spend a semester as an exchange student in Denmark. During her master studies at the IES, she started to work intensively on her career development in Next Finance and at the same time she received a Masters in Economics from WarsawUniversity. In the company Next Finace she worked as an Analyst of Financial Markets. In 2011 Ivona moved to the USA to study M.B.A. at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. After graduation in 2013, she started to work at the company Magnitude Capital in New York. She is responsible for researching investment strategies and development of business opportunities and new products. She also founded and manages Czech Sport Horse, a company that acts as a dealer between horse breeders and professional equestrians. No wonder that horses are her biggest hobby. Ivona spends the majority of her free time with them, by training  them in show jumping. If time allows her she relaxes with exercise – she does the triathlon.

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