Bachelors Theses

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Year: 2019

Manipulation through Evaluative Voting in the State Cinematography Fund
Bc. Petr Pham

Utilizing Online Data in Modelling Unemployment Rates in the Czech Republic
Bc. Kristýna Křížová

Analysis of Determinants of Carsharing
Bc. Jakub Špiroch

Analysis of Health Quality Indicators in the Framework of Sustainable Development Goals
Bc. Lucie Šanderová

Analysis of Unemployment in Russia: //Spatial Analysis on Russian Regions
Bc. Jan Provazník

Behavioral finance; Weather effect; Market efficiency; Anomaly, GARCH
Bc. Patrik Černý

Biofuels-economical and ecological impact
Bc. Václav Kalous

Border Effect and Openness of Chinese Economy
Bc. Pavel Zacharuk

Brexit and mutual trade between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom
Bc. Jakub Vosmanský

Choice Architecture and the Pension System in the Czech Republic
Bc. Daria Polenova

Criminality in the Czech Repulic
Bc. Barbora Doležalová

Cusp catastrophe theory: Application to the housing market
Bc. Vojtěch Kořínek

Does Foreign Aid Decrease Inequality? Evidence from the Most Recent Data
Bc. Anna Umlaufová

Economic Analysis of the Business Activity of the Selected Banks in Czechoslovakia during the Great Depression (1929-33)
Bc. Diana Bosáková

Economic Impact of Margaret Thatcher Revisited
Bc. Jakub Stuchlík
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Estimating the Relationship between Food, Fuel and Biofuel Prices
Bc. Matěj Novotný

Examining the relationships among cryptocurrencies using Google Trends
Bc. Michael Heller

Forks and airdrops in cryptomarkets: Investment opportunities or thin air?
Bc. Petr Hotovec

Gender differences under competitive pressure: //Evidence from skittles
Bc. Jan Bílek

Gender paradox of job satisfaction in the Czech Republic in European comparison
Bc. Kristýna Sosnová

Impact of Terrorism on Economic Growth
Bc. Jakub Siegl

Innovation Indicator Analysis in the European Union: A Machine Learning Approach
Bc. Jan Malecha

Interplay between Bitcoin price and its mining difficulty
Bc. Daniel Ondruška

Machine learning-based approaches to forecasting international trade
Bc. Tomáš Kovařík

Municipal Waste Management and Analysis of Influencing Factors with respect to Municipal Solid Waste Generation
Bc. Diana Kmeťková

Numerical fiscal rules and fiscal institutions in an economy with a dynamic common pool problem
Bc. Lukáš Janásek
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Personality tests and their linkage to employee productivity
Bc. Kristina Tsypushkina

Population Characteristics of Voters: //Evidence from the Czech Parliamentary Election
Bc. Jakub Černý

Portfolio diversification with cryptoassets
Bc. Matúš Chládek

Portfolio optimization for an P2P investor on Zonky
Bc. Filip Jonáš

Predicting Achievement of Selected Sustainable Development Goals
Bc. Léon Kamenický

Predicting Financial Market Crashes using Log-periodic Oscillation and Critical Slowing Down
Bc. Daniel Štancl

Relationship of Economic Growth and Pollution in the Czech Republic
Bc. Martin Moldan

Rivals as Allies: Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Stock Investing
Bc. Igor Buinevici
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Seasonality in Cryptocurrency Markets
Bc. Jan Mošovský

Smoking ban: A data analysis of sales
Bc. Tiep Luu Danh

State ownership and ownership concentration as determinants of dividend policy
Bc. Jan Picálek

Strategic Management of a Project Portfolio in a Consulting Firm
Bc. Kristina Ratajová

Sustainable Development Goal 7: //Affordable and Clean Energy // Panel Data Analysis
Bc. Alžběta Křížková

The Geopolitics of Repressions
Bc. Martin Kosík
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Residential Prices in Prague
Bc. Lucie Schwarzová

The Profitability of Standard Trading Strategies in Cryptocurrency Markets
Bc. Miroslav Duda

The role of credit default swaps during the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007-2009
Bc. Andrea Lazukićová

The Role of Offshore Companies in Public Procurement in the EU
Bc. Thao Trang Do

Unconventional Monetary Policy Tools - Description and Evaluation of their Efficiency
c. Denis Bandžak

Using CAPM for assessment of efficiency of managed portfolios-mutual funds
Bc. David Pergl

Wage Discrimination in US Sports: Comparative Analysis
Bc. Dmitrii Ivantsev

What is the effect of income inequality on economic growth?
Bc. Dorian Ardeleanu

Who wins and who loses due to financial secrecy? The Net Bilateral Financial Secrecy Index.
Bc. Lucie Kamenická


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