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Year: 2018

Price Determinants of Art Photography at Auctions
Mgr. Veronika Habalová

Alternative approach to measuring development progress of countries.
Mgr. Valeria Efimenko

Empirical evidence on pricing of contingent convertibles
Mgr. Petr Rýgr

Extending volatility models with market sentiment indicators
Mgr. Lenka Röhryová

Forecasting Term Structure of Government Bonds Using High Frequency Data
Mgr. Jakub Kožíšek

How Much of the Macroeconomic Variation in Ukraine Originates From External Shocks?
Mgr. Alona Fedorova

Inflation Targeting Turns Ten in Georgia: //Assessment of the Experience
Mgr. Ketevan Megrelishvili

Low Interest Rates and Asset Price Fluctuations: Empirical Evidence
Mgr. Bano Ali

Monetary Policy and House Prices in the US: //Evidence from Time-Varying VAR Model
Mgr. Kristýna Brunová

News Feed Classifications to Improve Volatility Predictions
Mgr. Ksenia Pogodina

Non-Linear Classification as a Tool for Predicting Tennis Matches
Mgr. Jakub Hostačný

Optimal portfolio selection under Expected Shortfall optimisation with Random Matrix Theory denoising
Mgr. Jan Šíla

Predatory Behaviour in Transportation Sector - "Czech Railways v. Leo Express" case
Mgr. Iva Slámová

Quoting behaviour of a market-maker under different exchange fee structures
Mgr. Rastislav Kiseľ

Regional Convergence in the European Union: //Do the Business Services Make the Difference?
Mgr. Jan Pintera

Sovereign credit risk drivers in a spatial perspective.
Mgr. Josef Záhlava

Spatial Pattern of Subsidies from the Structural Funds: The Case of Czech Municipalities
Mgr. Magda Pumprlová

The Aspects of Collaborative Procurement: Centralization, Scope and Different Market Structures
Mgr. Amália Počarovská

The Effect of Local Policy on Local Parliamentary-Election Results
Mgr. Kateřina Vlčková

The Elasticity of Substitution between Skilled and Unskilled Labor: //A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Ľubica Laslopová
M.A. with distinction from the Director of IES FSV UK for an extraordinarily good master diploma thesis.

The Impact of Age Structure on Inflation - Example of Developing Countries
Mgr. Khatia Zakaraia

Trade and Politics: Political Determinants of International Trade Flows
Mgr. Jan Sosnovec

Yield curve dynamics: Co-movements of latent global and Czech yield curves
Mgr. Jaromír Šimáně


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