Rigorosis Diploma Theses

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Year: 2004

Bankruptcy and Settlement Proceedings – Theory and Czech Practice
PhDr. Josef Diblík

Bankruptcy: Theory, Czech Bankruptcy Code and Practice
PhDr. Jan Klimeš

Capital Structure - Theory and the Czech Practice
PhDr. Palata Michal

Disequilibrium in Labour Market as Conseuence of Rational Behaviour: Model of Substitutional Relation between Level of Income and Quality of Monitoring
PhDr. Julie Chytilová

EMU Enlargement in Context of the OCA Theory
PhDr. Těthalová Jana

Equitied and Investment Instruments in Accountancy of Enteprises and Financial Institutions
PhDr. Šúleková Petra

Free Mobility of Goods, Price Dispersion and Border Effect
PhDr. Vojtěch Brettl

Free Movement of Labour and the EU Eastern Enlargement.
PhDr. Wadim Strielkowski

Impact of Financial Resources on Effectiveness of Nongovernmental Nonprofit Organizations
PhDr. Onřej Makovec

Impacts of Housing Policy Instruments
PhDr. Mirek Skořepa

Income Tax of Non-profit Organisations
PhDr. Lukáš Vorel

Market Efficiency in the Prague Stock Exchange
PhDr. Ondřej Nezdara

Monetary Strategy for the Planned Czech Accession to the EMU
PhDr. Jiří Mlynář

Principal-Agent Theory and Executive Compensation
PhDr. Merkner Tomáš

State Aid to the Czech Banking Sector in the Context of Transition and EU Accession
PhDr.Čech Libor

Tax System in the Czech Republic. Distribution of the Tax Burden in the Czech Household Sector
PhDr. Hrubá Gabriela

The Debate within the Czech Community of Economists on the Privatization Process
PhDr. Mandík Tomáš

The thesis Voting paradoxes analyses paradoxes of power and the role of abstention in measures of power.
PhDr.Holická Kateřina

Theoretical and empirical analysis of heterogeneity in the capital markets
PhDr. Fuchsová Dita

Theoretical and empirical analysis of IPO
PhDr.Vajsejtl Josef

Voting Paradoxes
PhDr. Martin Hokeš

World After Enron
PhDr.Bušta Antonín

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