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This Monday: From CFO to Business Leader - Lecture

26/04/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

Are you interested in an internship at Microsoft? Do you want to know what exactly you can do there? And what you should do to be chosen? Come to the lecture where you can find this. Furthermore, Kristina Michalsky, Consumer Channels Group Director from Microsoft will tell you about the successful career management and other interesting things from this branch of business. The lecture will be held on 27. 4. from 17:00 at room 105.

a Call for tender for the Centre of doctoral studies

24/04/2015   |   PhDr. Jan Soudek

Prospective as well as current PhD students can apply for positions at the Center of Doctoral Studies (CDS). CDS has altogether eight paid positions and helps to organize Ph.D. in Economics at IES. It is an opportunity for Ph.D. students to help them fund the studies. The deadline for CDS applications is 24 May and the interviews will be at the beginning of June.


Requirements: present study of PhD. program at IES in academic year 2015/2016. Start: September 2015. The applications, together with CV, verified copy of the diploma, list of academic publications and one recommendation letter should be send to the personal office of the FSV UK, Smetanovo nábřeží 6, Praha 1, 110 00

The European Commission quotes the IES FSS CU research

23/04/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

We would like to inform about another success of our researchers. The Country Report Czech Republic 2015 published by the European Commission cites the study Labor Force Participation and Childcare Policies . Authors of this study are our colleagues Barbara Pertold-Gebická and Daniel Husek. As we already informed, the study has been published in IES Occasional Papers series and is available for download here. Congratulation!

An internship offer

23/04/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

An internship offer has been updated. There is a possibility of traineeship even for non-Czech speeknig students at the ECB. For details see here.

Diploma thesis in cooperation with CSOB

20/04/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

Those who are interested in the final thesis topic "Customer lifetime value" and who are willing to work at CSOB, please contact Ladislav Krištoufek. The students will be working at the bank on the topic and ad-hoc data analyses, mainly in SQL or R. The financial compensation is agreed.

Policy research seminar

18/04/2015   |   PhDr. Jan Soudek

 We invite students to voluntary seminar on applied policy research. This week's topic "The negative effect of EU funds" will be presented by Jiří Skuhrovec on Thursday 23.4. at 18:30 in room 601.  We hope to get lively discussion and encourage students to present their research to get relevant feedback.  

Seminar will take place every second Thursday, more details on  seminar page.

Econophysics Colloquium 2015

17/04/2015   |   PhDr. Ladislav Krištoufek Ph.D.

We warmly invite you to participate at the Econophysics Colloquium 2015, which will be held at the Institute of Economic Studies on 14-16 September 2015. For the conference, we have been able to put together an excelent list of invited speakers. The abstract submission closes on 15 May 2015. Please see the EC 2015 website for the aims and scope, list of invited speakers and other details.

IES Occasional Papers – new studies published

16/04/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

After a 4 year pause, we would like to introduce two new studies recently published in IES Occasional Papers series - Female Labor Force Participation and Childcare Policies authors of which are Barbara Pertold-Gebická and Daniel Husek and Health Care Efficiency in the Czech Republic – Evidence for Inpatient Care by Jana Votápková and Pavlína Žílová. Both publications have been created in cooperation with the European Commission and deal with currently frequently discussed topics.


The first study mentioned above addresses the impact of maternity/parental leave on women´s employment in the Czech Republic and the related problem of collective childcare facilities for children under the age of 3 years. The authors compare the Czech Republic with other EU countries in this regard and conclude that the situation in the Czech Republic is at least unfavourable.


In the second publication the authors analyze the efficiency of inpatient health care in the Czech Republic and describe the factors important for its improvement. The study also deals with the relation of the efficiency of Czech hospitals and their capital needs and discusses the implementation of day care.


You can download both publications here.

The admission deadline at FSS CU is coming soon!

16/04/2015   |   Mgr. Lucie Křížová M.A.

Are you interested in joining one of our English language degree programmes? Did you miss the early admission deadline? The regular application deadline for the academic year 2015/16 is on 30th April.

For more information visit the FSS website.

Info from the April meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty (in Czech only)

16/04/2015   |   PhDr. Jiří Kukačka

The click-through links you find the minutes of the April meeting of the Academic Senate FSV UK (in Czech only). The most important items on the agenda: appointment of a new Vice-Dean for International Relations - dr. Zuzana Kasáková, the situation in the CESES, approval of new Rules of Election and Procedure AS FSV UK and a suggestion for electronic elections, the situation regarding student festival JinoniceJinak. Details can be found in the minutes. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.

Wolfram Mathematica at the IES

15/04/2015   |   doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.

Wednesday April 22, Opletalova 26, room 314, from 12:30 to 14:00. Program: Steve Wolfram (father of Mathematica): Computing a Theory of All Knowledge. Jiří Kukačka: How to get Mathematica at the IES.  Zdeněk Buk: Introduction to Mathematica. Feel free to come, please be in time.

JEB140 Topics in Economic History

15/04/2015   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

Prof. Antoine Parent from Sciences Po in Lyon will give the mini-course "Topics in Economic History" at the IES. The course will help students to get familiar with cliometrics, a quantitative approach to economic history. There will be 2 sessions (each having 2 lectures): Tuesday May 26th from 12:30, Wednesday May 27th from 9:30. The exam will take place on Thursday (May 28th) from 12:30. Bbachelor (2nd year and higher) and master students are welcome.

Seminar „New Leadership for the EU-China Relations“

14/04/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

IES FSS CU in cooperation with IPS FSS CU kindly invite to the seminar "New Leadership for the EU-China Relations", which will be held on 20th April 2015 from 9:50 at Evropský dům, Jungmannova 24, Prague 1. Please find the programme of the seminar including invitation here

Evaluation of the Courses / Winter Semester 2014/15

14/04/2015   |   Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová

Evaluation of the Courses taught in Winter Semester 2014/15 is here.

Conference on Emerging Market Finance - special issue in the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance

14/04/2015   |   doc. Roman Horváth Ph.D., ČSOB Corporate Chair

The Department of Financial Economics at Ghent University, Belgium, is inviting you to submit papers to a conference that will cover the two topics “Institutional Investors (with a special focus on Hedge Funds)” and “Emerging Market Finance”. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance. The call for papers is attached.

Czech National Bank Research Open Day 2015

13/04/2015   |   PhDr. Tomáš Havránek Ph.D.

We invite all students and faculty members to the eleventh CNB Research Open Day, which will be held in the Czech National Bank’s Commodity Exchange (Plodinová burza) building on Monday, 18 May 2015.

This event will provide an opportunity to see some of the best of the CNB’s current research work, to learn about the CNB Call for Research Projects 2016, and to meet CNB researchers informally.

Please note that places will be subject to availability owing to the limited capacity of the conference room. Registration is required:

Appointments to Executive Committees of Associations for Comparative Economics

10/04/2015   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

Two of our colleagues have been recently appointed to executive committees of associations in comparative economics. Professor Evžen Kočenda became a member of the Executive Committee of Association for Comparative Economic Studies (ACES) and Roman Horváth became a member of the Executive Committee of European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES).

ERASMUS+ Practical Placements: Pre-selection for winter 2015/16

09/04/2015   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

The International department announces that there will be an early round of selection procedure for students who want to go abroad for practical placement within the Erasmus+ programme already in winter 2015/2016. More information can be found here.

Deadline for Master's Thesis Proposals is June 19, 2015

09/04/2015   |   PhDr. Zuzana Havránková Ph.D.

The topic of your thesis must be confirmed by your supervisor in the Student Information System one year before the thesis defense. So if you want to defend your thesis at the end of the Summer Semester 2015/2016, your deadline is June 19, 2015. Use the "Thesis (Selection of subject)" module in SIS to assign to your topic. You can choose from a list of offered topics (the SIS and or come up with your own topic. In any case, you must find a suitable advisor. If your topic is not on the list, ask your supervisor to publish it. We recommend you choose a narrowly defined empirical topic. You can have one more month to submit the detailed thesis proposal (following the template and the example available on the website of JEM001 in SIS) if you agree on this with your supervisor ex ante. You must send the proposal, approved by your supervisor, to,, and by e-mail till July 19, 2015.

Summer School Mobility Fund

08/04/2015   |   Mgr. Jindřich Matoušek

Center for Doctoral Studies at IES announces the 2015 spring call for applications for funding from the Summer School Mobility Fund (SSMF). The scholarships are aimed at participation in prestigious summer (possibly winter) schools and workshops. Deadline for applications is Friday April 10, 2015 23:59 at

MOVE ONE – Informal female consulting evening on Friday, April 24, 2015 from 18.00 to 21.00

07/04/2015   |   Ing. Šárka Bokočová

Please join us BCG women for a spring boat ride on the Vltava. We want to meet and learn more about curious young women in Prague like you. We would be happy to share our experiences in business and consulting as we enjoy a glass of wine, live jazz music and delicious dinner together. Submit your CV by Tuesday, April 21 online at here. If you have any questions, please contact STROBLOVA.DANIELA@BCG.COM
Your BCG Women's Initiative Team in Prague.

Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT): IES student scored Top 5 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

07/04/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

A huge success was accomplished by IES student Robert Ševinský in February 2015. He made it into the Hall of Fame of the Bloomberg Institute thanks to his top performance in the BAT. With a score of 670 he ranked in the 98th percentile and thus in the Top 5 for all of Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Congratulations!


Robert shared with us his opinion on the BAT, what it gave to him and how he thinks it would help in his future career:

„The BAT is very complex test that covers wide range of topics from financial mathematics to investment banking and thoroughly examine student abilities and knowledge acquired during university studies. In contrary to university tests the BAT questions are mostly focused on basic theoretical knowledge without going much into technical details, however the range of questions and time pressure are enormous. Regarding preparation I think it is the best to just shortly recap basic economic and financial theory notions and learn to be fast. For me BAT was an excellent opportunity to compare my knowledge and abilities with other students worldwide. Additionally I perceived the BAT as a way to show employers my abilities in a wide variety of relevant business areas so I expected that a good score could be an easy way to improve my CV.“ 

Remember that you can also attend BAT at IES FSS CU. Come to the next session on 15th April at 14:30, room 016.

GAUK Projects Cookbook 2015

02/04/2015   |   Mgr. Jindřich Matoušek

The updated version of the Cookbook for Finance Administration of GAUK Research Projects at IES FSV UK can be found here.

Info from the March meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty (in Czech only)

01/04/2015   |   PhDr. Jiří Kukačka

The click-through links you find the minutes of the March meeting of the Academic Senate FSV UK (in Czech only). The most important items on the agenda: introduction of a new Secretary of the Faculty Mgr. Josef Ulrich, MBA, changes in the Schedule of the academic year 2015/2016, a new position of a Vice-Dean for the Economy, which has become the current Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies PhDr. Natalie Švarcová, Ph.D. from IES, and the launch of Google Apps for students (esp. new email accounts, which from 1 March became the primary student addresses in SIS). Details can be found in the minutes. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.

The new issue (2/15) of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance and brings the following papers

01/04/2015   |   Ing. Šárka Bokočová

The new issue (2/15) of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance has been released and brings the following papers

The journal is published by Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and is currently edited by Roman Horváth (Editor-in-Chief), and Senior editors: Jarko Fidrmuc (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen), Martin Fukač (New Zealand Treasury), Evžen Kočenda (CERGE-EI), Ondřej Schneider (IES, IIF), and Laurent Weill (University of Strasbourg).

information meeting for Ph.D. applicants

27/03/2015   |   PhDr. Jan Soudek

 Dear colleagues, let me invite you:

1. to apply for Ph.D. in Economics (deadline April 30, entrance exam June 18). The most important condition for successful application is the agreement with the prospective supervisor from senior faculty members. Each faculty member can manage only limited amount of PhD. candidates, therefore do not hesitate to contact the prospective supervisor rather soon than later.

2. for an optional information meeting for applicants on 31st March 2015, 17:00, room no. 601, IES, Opletalova 26, Prague. This is a meeting with the Director of graduate studies, where applicants will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the Program and its admission process.

3. to apply for positions at the Center of Doctoral Studies (CDS). CDS has altogether eight paid positions and helps to organize Ph.D. in Economics at IES. It is an opportunity for Ph.D. students to help them fund the studies. The deadline for CDS applications is usually in April and the interviews during June.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco cites IES FSS CU research

25/03/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

John C. Williams, president and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco cites in his speech from March 2015 the article Transmission Lags of Monetary Policy: A Meta-Analysis. Authors of the article are our colleagues Tomáš Havránek a Marek Rusnák. The speech about an economic outlook and its implications for monetary policy was presented at CFA Society annual dinner at Hawaii. 

Bloomberg Aptitude Test schedule - first session already this afternoon

25/03/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

Same as last year you have an opportunity to attend Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) at IES FSS CU building in Opletalova, room 016. The test will take place in following terms:

25.3.2015 from 14:30 

1.4.2015 from 14:30

15.4.2015 from 14:30

29.4.2015 from 14:30

6.5.2015 from 14:30

For more information regarding BAT please follow this link.

ČEZ Trading Camp

24/03/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

TRADING CAMP will be held in May 2015 in Prague for the purpose of selecting suitable candidates to join the team of professionals. ČEZ Trading is searching for Traders, Analysts or Originators. For details see here.

Alumnus of the Month - March: Adrian Lupusor

24/03/2015   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

The Alumnus of the Month in March is Adrian Lupusor from Moldavia. Adrian is the Executive Director of the independent think-tank “Expert Grup” and he cooperates on many other projects. An interview and his profile are available here.

Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2015

23/03/2015   |   Mgr. Barbara Pertold-Gebická M.A., Ph.D.

 The University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences with CenEA (Co-financing institution) invite all economists to participate in the 10th annual conference - Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2015. All economists, academics and non-academics alike, are invited to submit their unpublished analytical work or new research in all areas of economics. The main objective of this meeting is to stimulate cooperation of researchers and exchange of ideas in the field. Young economists, such as graduate students or post-docs are encouraged to apply.

(Ce)2 workshop in microeconomic theory and applications

23/03/2015   |   Mgr. Barbara Pertold-Gebická M.A., Ph.D.

The second edition of the Ce-squared workshop organized by CenEA in cooperation with CeMMAP will take place in Warsaw on 1-2 July 2015. The workshop focuses on Microeconomic theory and applications. The total number of presentations will not exceed 16. There is no conference fee but participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

We are very happy to announce that prof. John van Reenen (LSE) will give the keynote address at the workshop in the Lecture Series in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz

BCG CRACK THE CASE – Interview training

22/03/2015   |   Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová

As the world’s leading advisor on business strategy we create lasting value for our customers around the world. Come to our four-hour case session and gain a competitive advantage by

learning how to excel at case study-style intrerviews. Get interview tips from our experienced consultants and resolve specific case questions. Do not miss this opportunity to practise your interview skills and find out how BCG can help you grow both personally and


Submit your CV and cover letter by Friday, March  online at here. If you have any questions, please contact .

Přesun přednášky Ekonomie II

19/03/2015   |   PhDr. Tomáš Havránek Ph.D.

Vážení studenti, přednáška Ekonomie II ve středu 25.3. proběhne od 8 hodin v místnosti 109. Jako hostující přednášející vystoupí Jan Babecký z České národní banky.

Exchange scholarship at the HH University Düsseldorf

18/03/2015   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

We have the possibility to nominate one student for an exchange scholarship at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Please follow the link for more information. Applicants should send their materials to Lenka Stastna till March 22, 2015.

New book "Banking in Theory and Practice"

16/03/2015   |   Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

A new English-Czech book "Banking in Theory and Practice/Bankovnictví v teorii a praxi" from prof. Michal Mejstřík, Magda Pečená and Petr Teplý has been released by Karolinum Press. This book is obligatory for courses JEB126 - Introductory Banking and JEM032 – Banking, and recommended  for JEB027 - Economics of Finance. For more details please follow this link. Enjoy reading!

Info from the February meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty (in Czech only)

11/03/2015   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

The click-through links you find the minutes of the February meeting of the Academic Senate FSV UK (in Czech only). The most important items on the agenda: a working group on reform of the FSV UK budgeting, open "tenders" for the Secretary of the FSV, Head of the Economic Departmen and Head of the International Office, dean's information on the reform of the Dean's Office (a new position of a vice dean for the economy) and the distribution of Student's money for new projects (in Czech only). Details can be found in the minutes. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.

"A year after"

10/03/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

Are you interested in the career development of fresh graduates at the IES? A few of the cohort of January 2014 have shared their experience with us and they wrote us about their career „a year after“. You can read their profiles here.

Erasmus Mundus Programme for Post-doctorate and Staff

05/03/2015   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

The programme promotes mobility between Europe and Asia through mobility grants for Post-doctorate and Staff of EU higher education institutions.The applications for this programme will be open until the 22nd of March 2015. Post-doctorates selected applicants will receive a grant worth 1800 euros/month and staff 2500 euros/month, the flight ticket and the insurrance. Mobility last 6 months for Post-Doctorates and 1 month for staff. For more information see here.

Erasmus+: verbal interviews

04/03/2015   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

All applicants for the Erasmus+ study exchange programme have been invited for the interview by e-mail. If there are still some students who have not received the invitation yet, please let me know.

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