Open Day

Every year we organize three meetings with the prospective applicants - in January, June and September.

Online web seminar:

Monday 5th February 2018 from 3 PM

  • Information about the webinar here
  • Please register for participating at the webinar here.

September Meeting

Monday 17th September 2018 

The presentation of our English degree program Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF) consisting of:

  • A tour of the university building, Opletalova St. 26, Prague and a guided tour around the building
  • Official presentations
  • Panel discussion
  • Subject talks

January/ February and June Meetings 

Open Days for Czech bachelor program Ekonomie a Finance including individual consultations about our English degree programs BEF (Bachelor in Economics and Finance) and MEF (Master in Economics and Finance). Places to visit and see:

  • Information spot at the entrance: fliers and booklets
  • Computer lab 016 
  • Library and study rooms
  • Lecture rooms 105, 109, 206, 314, 601

In 2018, the Open Days will be held on the 2nd February and 8th June. 

To download:

Open Day presentation for BEF prospective students - September 2016

Open Day presentation - January 2017

Open Day presentation for Bachelor's students - June 2017

Open Day presentation for Master's students - June 2017


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