Master in Economics and Finance (MEF)

Master in Economics and Finance (MEF):

  • a two-year program taught fully in English
  • offered for students with a completed Bachelor's degree
  • aims to give students a thorough grounding in both theoretical and applied economics
  • puts an emphasis on developing abstract analytical reasoning, which allows our graduates to solve complex economic problems in various settings
  • courses are taught both by core faculty and professionals from the central bank, commercial banks, and business analysts
  • tuition based program, students can apply for tuition fee discounts and for external scholarships
  • applicants must have a solid background in mathematics and good command of English

Examples of MEF alumni


“My decision to study in Prague and, specifically, at Charles University, was based on prior analyses and discussions with students who were studying there. Hence, I knew what to expect: professional teachers, very strong and research oriented study program, international environment, and all this in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My expectations were fully met, except for one thing: it was even better.”

Adrian Lupusor (alumnus 2012), Executive Director of the economic think-tank Expert-Grup, Moldova


“I consider my studies at IES to have been enhancing and enriching for me. They gave me the possibility to deepen my knowledge in the subjects of my interest providing me with a solid educational background which created opportunities for a successful professional career.”

Victoria Donu (alumna 2012), Analyst at Moody’s Analytics, Czech Republic


"Two years at IES did not only take me to the next academic level but also provided an unmatchable social experience. To be able to live in the most beautiful city in the world, to study with brilliant students with diverse cultural backgrounds, to get a top-notch education, and that too on a generous government scholarship was a dream come true for me. I am about to complete my PhD from Germany, which wouldn’t have been possible without the education and training I received at IES."

Muhammad Ali (alumnus 2012), Consultant (Economist) at The World Bank, Pakistan


“You have the opportunity to study with some of the most weathered and highly talented economists and all this in one of the most vibrant and thriving capitals of Europe.”

Adrian Babin (alumnus 2011), Economist, Single Supervisory Mechanism at the European Central Bank, Germany


„My 2 years at IES were so enriching and rewarding. The programme is very interesting, challenging and offers to student plenty of subjects to choose from. I could focus only on the areas I liked more, such as banking, corporate finance, financial instruments etc. I learned so much at IES, that I think I could work in any field of economics and definitely the analytical skills and knowledge that I got help me a lot in my current job."

Mariana Celac (alumna 2014), Associate Analyst at MasterCard, Belgium


“The IES experience prepared me for graduate school in the United States by helping me develop the necessary critical thinking skills and offering me the chance to acquire both quantitative and qualitative analytic aptitudes.“

Ecaterina Locoman (alumna 2011), PhD Candidate in Political Science, Rutgers Schools of Arts and Sciences, USA

Academia and research

  • Nadzeya Laurentsyeva (alumna 2013), PhD Candidate at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany
  • Adrian Lupusor (alumnus 2012), Executive Director of Expert-Grup, Moldova
  • Amela Saric (alumna 2012), PhD Candidate at Heinrich Heine University, Germany
  • Corina Besliu (alumna 2011), PhD Candidate at University of Utah, USA
  • Ecaterina Locoman (alumna 2011), PhD Candidate in Political Science, Rutgers Schools of Arts and Sciences, USA


  • Waheed Brown (alumnus 2013), Software Engineer at Akamai Technologies, Silicon Valley, USA
  • Alina Cazachevici (alumna 2013), Business Analyst for Western Europe at Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Czech Republic
  • Irina Talasimova (alumna 2013), Credit Risk Analyst at Emerson Process Management, Czech Republic
  • Natalia Lupusor Bejan (alumna 2012), Senior Consultant at Adastra Business Consulting, Czech Republic


  • Mimi Hoxha (alumna 2016), Accountant at Avant Communications, Chicago, USA
  • Anton Asthakov (alumnus 2015), Associate in Valuation and Financial Modelling team at Deloitte Central Europe, Prague
  • Marina Gorobetchi (alumna 2015), Research Analyst in Euromonitor International, Lithuania
  • Mariana Celac (alumna 2014), Associate Analyst at MasterCard, Belgium
  • Dritan Gjika (alumnus 2013), Economist at Moody´s Analytics, Czech Republic
  • Victoria Donu (alumna 2012), Analyst at Moody’s Analytics, Czech Republic
  • Tihana Ibrahimpasic (alumna 2012), Investment Manager at Astra Financial Services, Czech Republic
  • Persida Spirollari (alumna 2011), Head of Cards and ATMs at Emporiki Bank, Albania

International Organizations

  • Ludmila Pascanean (alumna 2015), Country Project Manager at International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Moldova
  • Muhammad Ali (alumnus 2012), Consultant (Economist) at The World Bank, Pakistan
  • Adrian Babin (alumnus 2011), Economist, Single Supervisory Mechanism at the European Central Bank, Germany

You may also watch a video with MEF alumni.

More information

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More information about admission is available here.

To download: MEF Factsheet and MEF Admission requirements


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