PhD candidates

    Academic function Field of interest
PhDr. Tomáš Adam Ph.D. Candidate
Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
- Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit
- Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook
Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
- Bayesian Analysis
- Time-Series Models
- State Space Models
Anton Astakhov Ph.D. Candidate Portfolio Choice; Asset Pricing; Value of Firms; Market Structure, Firm Strategy and Market Performance; Innovation, R&D, Technological Change
Mgr. Adrian Babin M.A. Ph.D. Candidate financial stability, crisis resolution, banking regulation and supervision, macroprudential policies, unorthodox monetary policy measures and their impact on bank activity, interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies, spillovers, bank management and bank efficiency, empirical banking;
RNDr. Matúš Baniar Ph.D. Candidate Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models Econometric Modeling Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
Abdel Jabar Bassam Ph.D. Candidate Energy, Econometric Modeling, Trade and Environment
Mgr. Božena Bobková Ph.D. Candidate Econometrics, International Trade and Structural Models (especially DSGE)
Mgr. Pavla Břízová Ph.D. Candidate Europe; General Regional Economics; Welfare, Well-Being, and Poverty; Education and Research Institutions; Monetary Policy
PhDr. Petra Buzková Ph.D. Candidate
Alina Cazachevici Ph.D. Candidate International Economics, Economic Impacts of Globalization, Remittances
PhDr. František Čech Ph.D. Candidate Financial Econometrics; Time-Series Models; Portfolio Choice; International Financial Markets
Mgr. Jan Čech Ph.D. Candidate History of Economic Theories, Methodology of Economics, Ordoliberalism of the Freiburg School
Mgr. Kristýna Čechová Ph.D. Candidate Labor Economics: General Labor Economics Policies
M.A Olena Chorna Ph.D. Candidate J. Labor and Demographic Economics J24 Human Capital • Skills • Occupational Choice • Labor Productivity J31 Wage Level and Structure • Wage Differentials J62 Job, Occupational, and Intergenerational Mobility D. Microeconomics D44 Auctions C. Mathematical and Quantitative Methods C13 Estimation: General C23 Panel Data Models • Spatio-temporal Model F “International Economics” F22 International Migration
Mgr. Aleš Čornanič Ph.D. Candidate financial accounting, corporate finance, company valuation
Mgr. Martin Čovan Ph.D. Candidate Applied econometrics, Finance - financial markets, financial stability, regulation, prediction models, asset pricing, risk management
Master Macroeconomic Laure de Batz Ph.D. Candidate E5 Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit G1 General Financial Markets G2 Financial Institutions and Services
Pavel Doležel Ph.D. Candidate JEL C44, JEL C61, JEL D71, JEL D72 and JEL G32
Martin Dózsa Ph.D. Candidate
Lenka Dvořáková Ph.D. Candidate Stock market analysis, behavioral finance
Mgr. Hana Džmuráňová Ph.D. Candidate Banking, modeling of savings accounts and demand deposits, the net present value of non-maturing accounts to a bank, the impact of low rates environment on banks
PhDr. Ondřej Filip Ph.D. Candidate Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics • Environmental Economics • Biofuel & Commodity Markets
PhDr. Tereza Fišerová Ph.D. Candidate Bank performance, Foreign ownership of banks
Mgr. Dritan Gjika Ph.D. Candidate Financial Econometrics, Volatility Modeling
PhDr. Ondřej Glazar Ph.D. Candidate Economics of migration
PhDr. Mgr. Jana Gutiérrez Chvalkovská Ph.D. Candidate Economics - environment, antural resources, regulatory impact assessment Law - environment, corporate Corruption as economic phenomenon
Mgr. Ladislav Habiňák Ph.D. Candidate Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization C. Mathematical and Quantitative Methods C2 Single Equation Models • Single Variables C4 Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics C5 Econometric Modeling C6 Mathematical Methods • Programming Models • Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
PhDr. Jan Hájek Ph.D. Candidate Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics (E3-E5), International Economics (F4), Financial Economics (G1,G2)
Mgr. Luboš Hanus Ph.D. candidate Time-Series Models, Econometrics, Financial Economics, Business Fluctuations; Cycles
Mgr. Václav Hausenblas Ph.D. Candidate financial markets, financial stability, banking, insurance, computational simulation
Marek Hauzr Ph.D. Candidate
Ing. Arshad Hayat Ph.D. Candidate Macroeconomics, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade, Economic Growth
PhDr. Hana Hejlová Ph.D. Candidate Real estate markets, financial stability and macroprudential policy (E32 Business Fluctuations, Cycles, E58 Central Banks and Their Policies, R21 Housing Demand, R31 Housing Supply and Markets, R33 Nonagricultural and Nonresidential Real Estate Markets)
Ing. Barbora Hildebrandt (Svárovská) M.A. Ph.D. Candidate Company valuation, Financial accounting, Microfinance
Jacob Atanuku Igono Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Kristýna Ivanková Ph.D. Candidate Economic Dynamics, Business Cycles, Extreme Value Theory, Stochastic Growth Theory
Tomáš Janotík MSc. Ph.D. Candidate Microeconomics, Microeconomic Behavior: Underlying Principles, Labor and Demographic Economics, General Welfare, Well-Being
PhDr. Ivo Jánský Ph.D. Candidate Risk management and time series analysis
PhDr. Martina Jašová Ph.D. Candidate Empirical Banking, Monetary Economics, Household finance, Macro-Finance
Jakub Jeřábek Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Júlia Jonášová Ph.D. Candidate C Mathematical and Quantitative Methods C22 Time-Series Models • Dynamic Quantile Regressions • Dynamic Treatment Effect Models • Diffusion Processes C35 Discrete Regression and Qualitative Choice Models • Discrete Regressors • Proportions E Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics E4 Money and Interest Rates E5 Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit
Jitka Jopová Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Dominika Katuščáková Ph.D. Candidate Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Price Level and Inflation, Central Banks and Their Policies
Olha Khymych Ph.D. Candidate Q01 Sustainable Development Q2 Renewable Resources and Conservation Q5 Environmental Economics R2 Household Analysis
PhDr. Andrea Klimešová Ph.D. Candidate Energy derivatives
Soňa Kocholová Ph.D. Candidate
Ing. David Kocourek Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Vědunka Kopečná Junior Researcher Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Energy Economics, Labor Market, Economic Modeling
PhDr. Kamila Koprnická Ph.D. Candidate
PhDr. Václav Korbel Junior Researcher Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Economics of education, Applie microeconometrics
Mgr. Matej Kosturák Ph.D. Candidate Ethics and Economics, Insolvency procedures, Economy of Law, Corporate Governancne
Ing. Jiří Kracík Ph.D. Candidate Energetics Markets of energies
Mgr. Lucie Kraicová Ph.D. Candidate Financial economics, Econometrics, Wavelet-based methods
Mgr. Michal Král Ph.D. Candidate Public finance, Tax evasion and tax avoidance, tax havens, ilicit financial flows
Mgr. Tomáš Křehlík M.A. Ph.D. Candidate Financial econometrics, econometrics, time-series analysis, finance, urban economics.
PhDr. Ihor Kruchynenko Ph.D. Candidate General risk management, valuation of risk exposure, risk mitigation strategies
Mgr. Matěj Kuc Ph.D. Candidate banking, performance of distinct ownership structures, cooperative banking
Mgr. Ing. Adam Kučera Ph.D. Candidate Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, DSGE Models, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
Mgr. Adriána Lelovská Ph.D. Candidate Risk Management, Credit Rating, Financial Stability, Banking
PhDr. Jitka Lešanovská Ph.D. Candidate Banking, Financial markets
PhDr. Petra Luňáčková Ph.D. Candidate Competition Policy, Antitrust, Regulation, Electricity Markets
Mgr. Adrian Lupusor Ph.D. Candidate Monetary policy, Public Choice, Econometric methods
Mgr. Vyacheslav Lypko Ph.D. Candidate Financial services sector, business modelling
Petr Macek Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Barbora Malinská Ph.D. Candidate Financial Econometrics, Financial Economics, Financial Forecasting, Futures Pricing
PhDr. Simona Malovaná Ph.D. Candidate Monetary Economics, Financial Stability, Macroeconomics, Economic Modeling
Jan Mareš Ph.D. candidate Economic Growth, Financial Markets, Econometric Modelling, Bayesian Analysis
Aleš Maršál Ph.D. Candidate Asset Pricing with DSGE models, Quantitative Macroeconomics, Financial Economics
Mgr. Jindřich Matoušek Junior Researcher Behavioral and experimental economics, Market structure, Auctions, Market imperfections
Oksana Melikhova Ph.D. Ph.D. Candidate Game Theory and Bargaining Theory, Noncooperative Games
PhDr. Jakub Mikolášek Ph.D. Candidate Modeling of microeconomic consumer behaviour , demand systems estimation, gas market analysis
Ing. Hana Moravcová Ph.D. Candidate Law and Economics, Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital, Economics of the Arts and Literature
Ing. Michala Moravcová Ph.D. Candidate Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, Central Banks and Their Policies, Financial Economics, Asset Pricing • Trading Volume • Bond Interest Rates, Information and Market Efficiency • Event Studies • Insider Trading
Mgr. Ing. Matěj Nevrla Junior Researcher Financial econometrics, time-series analysis, computational finance
Mgr. Miroslav Palanský Ph.D. Candidate Political economy, public finance, development economics, taxation, international corporate tax avoidance
Mgr. Michal Paulus Junior Lecturer International Economics, International Political Economy, Trade Policy, Health Economics, Medical Practice Variation
PhDr. Kateřina Pavloková Ph.D. Candidate health economics
PhDr. Martina Pěkná Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Petr Polák MSc. Ph.D. Candidate Economics of information, Technology, Virtual money, virtual markets, meta-analysis
PhDr. Oliver Polyák Ph.D. Candidate Financial & management accounting, application of IFRS, company valuation, business ethics
PhDr. Michael Princ Ph.D. Candidate Financial Markets, Financial Econometrics, Financial Aspects of Economic Integration
Mgr. Lukáš Rečka Ph.D. Candidate Environmental economics, energy economics, energy modelling
PhDr. Milan Rippel Ph.D. Candidate Risk management
Marek Rusnák Ph.D. Candidate Real-Time Data, Bayesian Econometrics, Research Synthesis
Mgr. Pavel Ryska MPhil Ph.D. Candidate
PhDr. Tomáš Sedláček Ph.D. Candidate Theoretical Economics - History of Economic Thought - Philosophy and Ethics
PhDr. Goran Serdarević M.A. Ph.D. Candidate Finance and banking, Mergers and acquisitions, Regulation and antitrust policy, Industrial organization, Regulation in telecoms
PhDr. Ing. Jiří Skuhrovec PhD. Ph.D. Candidate public procurement,virtual economies, monetary theory, robust statistics,
Mgr. Šarlota Smutná MSc. Ph.D. Candidate Econometrics, Microeconometrics, Demand analysis, Household Behavior
Mgr. Jan Šolc Ph.D. Candidate macroeconomics and banking
Mgr. Daniel Šopov M.Sc. Ph.D. Candidate
PhDr. Boril Šopov, MSc., LL.M. Ph.D. Candidate Risk management and quantitative finance
PhDr. Jan Soudek Ph.D. Candidate Public Economics, Industrial Organization, Procurement
Mgr. Ing. Martin Štěpánek M.A. Ph.D. Candidate Pension systems; health and wellbeing and their impacts on public finances, productivity, etc.; economics of education; institutional economics.
PhDr. RNDr. Josef Stráský Ph.D. Ph.D. Candidate
David Svačina Ph.D. Candidate New Keynesian DSGE models
Mgr. Alemayehu Demissew Taye, BA Ph.D. Candidate Economic policy, Quantitative finance, Energy and Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics.
Mgr. Tomáš Troch Ph.D. Candidate Health - Health Insurance, Public and Private; Government Policy • Regulation • Public Health • Public Economics
Mgr. Abeba Nigussie Turi Ph.D. Candidate Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics and Game Theory
Mgr. Pavlo Ulianiuk Ph.D. Candidate Mathematical and Quantitative Methods; Mathematical Methods, Programming Models, Mathematical and Simulation Modeling; Financial Economics; Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
Mgr. Daniel Vach Ph.D. Candidate Limit-Order Book Properties, Market Microstructure, Behavioral Finance, Financial Forecasting and Simulation, Stochastic, Dynamic and Evolutionary Games, Agent-Based Modeling
Mgr. Petra Valíčková Ph.D. Candidate
Matěj Vančura Ph.D. Candidate Institutional economics, history of economic thought
Mgr. Michaela Vlasáková-Baruníková (Hlínková) Ph.D. Candidate
PhDr. Jana Votápková Junior Researcher Analysis of Healthcare Markets; Production; Fertility, Child Care; Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity
PhDr. Karolína Vozková Ph.D. Candidate Banking fee income, bank performance, concentration on banking market
PhDr. Terezie Výprachtická (Lokajíčková) Ph.D. Candidate
Msc Yao Wang PhDr Ph.D. Candidate SME and Banking Business Finance Financial Innovation
Mgr. Jan Žáček Junior Researcher macroeconomics, monetary economics
Dimitrios Zafeiris Ph.D. Candidate
Mgr. Tomáš Zelený Ph.D. Candidate
Tomáš Želinský PhD. Ph.D. Candidate I31, I32, D6, D8, D9
Mgr. Diana Žigraiová Junior Researcher Corporate Finance and Governance, Financial Institutions and Services, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Wage, Compensation and Labour Costs


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