Available internships


  • McKinsey: McKinsey offers internships. For details see here.
  • Internship programs at BCG - please see details here.

Banking and Finance


  • I am looking for a research assistant to help me with the following project: Tax payments in the extractive industries: Evidence from country-by- country reporting data. The student would combine data from various sources: (i) CBCR tax payments data (payments in royalties, fees, taxes and others from projects or firms to governments); (ii) Published contracts; (iii) Company annual reports; (iv) company-level data Orbis and (v) government tax revenues. This merging would result into a unique data set that would be used to answer a number of important research questions. For example, do companies in the extractive industries pay the taxes to developing country governments that they promised in their contracts? In the case of interest please contact Petr Jánský 
  • An internship offer for the French speaking students. Air France KLM. Please see the details here.


International Organizations

  • The European Commission: The internship is suitable for students with a bachelor degree and with an excellent knowledge of English, German, or French. For details see here.
  • The World Bank offers internships to young people interested in learning more about the economic and social issues that affect people's lives around the world. The programme offers opportunities to study and work that provide a hands-on experience. The Bank's Internship Programme offers graduate students an opportunity to improve their skills as well as the experience of working in an international environment, please see the details here. 
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) is seeking applications for participation in its summer research graduate programme. Please see the details here.
  • Traineeships in the European Commission. Please see the details here.



Internships Abroad


  • An internship offer in Germany - at Steelcom Steel and Commodities GmbH. Please see the details here.
  • Various internships in Spain. Please see the list enclosed.


McKinsey & Company
Moneta Money Bank