Office hours

Prof. Bryan S.Graham
only by mail

Mgr. Martin Schimek
upon agreement

doc. Ing. Ondřej Schneider MPhil., Ph.D.
Not available

PhDr. Jiří Schwarz Ph.D.
upon request

Oleg Sidorkin M.A., CSc.
Wednesday 8:30-9:30, Office 120 CERGE-EI, 224 005 114, or upon agreement by mail

Mgr. Jan Šíla MSc.
upon request

Mgr. Michal Skořepa Ph.D
by appointment

PhDr. Ing. Jiří Skuhrovec PhD.
email me

Ing. Karel Sladký CSc.
by appointment

Mgr. Lenka Šlegerová
by appointment

RNDr. Martin Šmíd Ph.D.
by appointment

Ing. Mgr. Šarlota Smutná, MSc.
Upon agreement

Mgr. Jan Šolc
arranged via e-mail

Brenda Solís González
by appointment

PhDr. Jan Soudek
by appointment

PhDr. Ing. Petr Soukup

PhDr. Ludmila Stakhovych
upon request

Mgr. Ing. Martin Štěpánek M.A.
Upon request (by email/phone/Skype only)

PhDr. Pavel Štika
anytime, write me to arrange

Ondřej Strecker
By appointment

Mahir Suleymanov M.Pol.Sc., M.Soc.Sc.
by appointment

Mgr. David Svačina
by appointment

PhDr. Petr Švarc
On appointment.

Ing. Barbora Hildebrandt (Svárovská) M.A.
by appointment

Mgr. Svatopluk Svoboda
upon request

doc. PhDr. Petr Teplý Ph.D.
Tuesdays 16:00-17:00, Room 511

doc. Ing. Zdeněk Tůma CSc.
upon agreement by mail

Salim Turdaliev M.A.
by appointment

prof. RNDr. Ing. František Turnovec CSc.
Monday 14,30-16,00, office 206a, or by individual appointment

PhDr. Pavel Vacek Ph.D.
By email appointment.

Mgr. Lukáš Vácha Ph.D.
By appointment

Mgr. Petra Valíčková
by appointment

Mgr. Ing. Dan Vaško
by appointment

prof. RNDr. Jan Ámos Víšek CSc.
Usually Tuesday 14.30 - 16.00 but please confirm it by e-mail, may be to find some other agreement. Presentations in for econometrics can be found on There are also some other presentation, mostly from conferences.

PhDr. Václav Korbel
upon request

PhDr. Petra Vokatá
By appointment

prof. Ing. Miloslav Vošvrda CSc.
Thursday 15.00 - 16.00, room No. 209, UTIA AV CR, Pod Vodárenskou vezi 4, Praha 8, tubestation Ladvi

PhDr. Tatjana Vukelic
upon request via mail

PhDr. Ondřej Vychodil , M.A.
Upon agreement via e-mail

PhDr. Terezie Výprachtická (Lokajíčková)
upon request by e-mail


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