Study opportunities in Shanghai and Moscow

21/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

We would like to remind you of coming deadline (Wednesday, October 22) for applications for study abroad programs in Shanghai (East China University) and Moscow (New Economic School). For details, follow the link.

BCG STRATEGY CUP 2014 November 7-14

20/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

BCG Strategy Cup is a one-week business competition between teams from top Czech and Slovak universities. Find the unexpected solution to real-life business case. Team up and win the BCG Strategy Cup with a prize of CZK 50,000. Students in their final year of study (master or PhD) and three or four members per team are particularly welcome to apply. 

Apply now by November 4 at If you have questions, please contact the BCG at

Verbal interviews for applicants for Erasmus+ internships

17/10/2014   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

Verbal interviews for applicants for Erasmus+ internships will take place on November 4 from 12:30am in room 105. Applicants will be notified about the detailed schedule.

Master thesis consultations in investment banking

16/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

Our recent graduate Ivona Hrušová Butcher, currently working in a hedge fund in New York City, offers consultations on selected topics in investment strategies and application of quantitative methods. This is a unique opportunity to receive valuable feedback to your theses and get exposure to hedge fund industry in New York City. Please contact ivona [DOT] hrusova [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

An internship offer

15/10/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

An internship offer has been updated, for details see here.

Jean Tirole (TSE) awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

14/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

Jean Tirole, the chairman of Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), has received the 2014 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Jean Tirole has been affiliated with TSE since 1991. On that occassion, we would like to make students aware of a new exchange agreement between the IES and TSE which allows us to send a couple of students to this respectable European school of economics.

Save the date: Introduction to Auctions

14/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

Our alumnus Jakub Kastl, Assistant Professor at Stanford University and currently also Visiting Professor at Princeton University, is giving a crash mini-course on auctions at the IES. The 3-day course is scheduled for December 15-17, 2014.

The course on auction markets will examine how auction theory performs on the real markets including eBay, Treasury Auctions, Liquidity and Electricity Auctions and Sponsored Ad Auctions. The course is a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about auctions from a top expert in the field.

The course starts on Monday, December 15, 12:30-14:00. The next sessions are on Tuesday 11-14 and on Wednesday 17-20. Enrolment will be organized in the first lecture. Save these dates!

Excellent RePEc rankings of recent PhD graduates from IES FSV UK

09/10/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

According to RePEc, IES graduate Tomas Havranek ranks first among the academic economists in the world who graduated in 2013, and Roman Horvath ranks fourth among those who graduated in 2008! Congratulations!

RePEc is the largest worldwide database of research articles in economics and finance with more than 40,000 registered economists. RePEc provides various rankings of economists based on the quality of their publications and number of citations. 

These statistics highlight the quality of our PhD program because this methodology points to the top publishing activity and the frequency in the global comparison. 

Reseach and Policy Note of the CNB on the exchange rate instrument

08/10/2014   |   Ing. Šárka Bokočová

The Czech National Bank has published a Research and Policy Note "The Exchange Rate as an Instrument at Zero Interest Rates: The Case of the Czech Republic", co-authored by economists affiliated with the IES (T. Holub and in memoriam also K. Šmídková). The study is recommended especially (but not exclusively) to the students of Monetary Economics.

Dissertation Pre-defense of Tomas Sedlacek

08/10/2014   |   Ing. Šárka Bokočová

Dissertation Pre-defense of Tomas Sedlacek will take place on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at 5:30 pm in room 314. The topic is "Selected Chapters from the History of Economic Thought". All scholars and students are invited.

The best courses in Spring 2014

07/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

We congratulate lecturers of the best courses at the IES in Spring 2014:

  • Bachelor's: Matematika IV (Bárta), Matematika II (Holický), International Finance (Benáček)
  • Master's: Quantitative Finance II (Baruník, Vácha), Právo obchodních společností (Richter), Applied Econometrics (Horváth, Baruník, Baxa)

Our ranking is a geometric mean of the overall grade and the grade for course difficulty. Courses with a very low number of responses are not included. We also take this opportunity to encourage all students to actively take part in the course evaluations.

An internship offer abroad within the Erasmus+ framework

07/10/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

 If you are interested in an internship abroad with Erasmus+, you can apply until the 15th of October. Please find the detail concerning the selection procedure here. The list of institutions, where you can apply for an internship see attached here. The students who are planning their own professional internship in a foreign country can apply OZS (International office), and the office could enter into an agreement with the particular institution. The date of the interviews will be announced soon. In the case of questions do not hesitate to contact Ms. Eliška Šerhantová.

New course: JEB136 - Topics in Industrial Organization

07/10/2014   |   PhDr. Jiří Schwarz

JEB136 - Topics in IO starts today (8.10.) with the first industry: Leoš Novotný, CEO & owner of Leo Express, one of the few Czech train operators, will talk about transportation in the Czech Republic! And see the timetable below for the rest of the lecturers. Come and join us even if you don't want to register for the course (Wednesday, 15.30, room 314).

CFA Institute Research Challenge

03/10/2014   |   Jiří Novák M.Sc., Ph.D., Deloitte Corporate Chair

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute organizes an international student competition in company valuation. Teams of 3-5 students are assigned a mentor, CFA charter-holder, with an extensive business experience. Winners proceed to the European and global round. Learn more about the competition at the presentation on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 19:45 at the University of Economics (VSE). Applications of individual students accompanied with a CV and a transcript of records from SIS in pdf (printscreen) to Jiri Novak ( by October 16, 2014, 23:59. You may also attach a motivation letter (optional) specifying why you want to participate, your experience and time possibilities. Applicants should be aware that a successful participation yields valuable experience and a rich network of contacts, but it is time consuming and it requires effective collaboration in the team. Selection of team members will be based on the competence, motivation and commitment of individual applicants.

Deloitte Valuation Internship

03/10/2014   |   Jiří Novák M.Sc., Ph.D., Deloitte Corporate Chair

Deloitte offers a 1-year internship for students interested in valuation. The aim of the internship is to produce a thorough research-based memorandum of a valuation-related topic under the supervision of an experienced valuation professional. The outcome can further be used in the student’s Bachelor/Master Thesis. See the poster following the hyperlink in the heading of this announcement for more details. Apply by sending your CV to no later than October 15, 2014. Optionally, you can add a 1-page long discussion of a research question you are interested in.

Open Day at IES on September 22, 2014

03/10/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

The Institute of Economic Studies invited students, staff and guests from several international high schools from the Czech Republic interested in the English degree Bachelor programme of Economics and Finance (BEF).

They could attend presentations that outline what IES has to offer its students, the application procedure, and student life. 

At the Open Day visitors could listen to subject talks including Economics, Mathematics and Finance. They could also explore the IES premises, lecture rooms, library and computer lab and meet current IES students.

CFA Institute Research Challenge - Kick-Off Presentation

03/10/2014   |   Jiří Novák M.Sc., Ph.D., Deloitte Corporate Chair

The slides from the kick-off presentation are available by clicking on the heading of this message.

GAUK 2015 info meeting

03/10/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

We would like to inform that Grant Agency of Charles University announced a new competition for year 2015. The official IES meeting regarding the GAUK competition will by organized by the Centre for Doctoral Studies and will be held 9th of October at 18:30 in room 206.

BAT date has changed

02/10/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

Note that the date of BAT has changed. An update available here.

Jozef Baruník has published an article in the journal Econometric Reviews

28/09/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

We congratulate our colleague Jozef Baruník for his work to be published in the journal Econometric Reviews. The article "Modeling and Forecasting Persistent Financial Durations" is a joint work with Filip Žikeš (Bank of England) and Nikhil Shenai (Imperial College London).

The journal ranks among top 10 journals in the field of Econometrics in the world (according to the Article Influence Score from the Web of Science).

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble at Charles University

28/09/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

On behalf of the Rector of Charles University, Professor Tomáš Zima we would like to cordially invite you to a lecture to be given by Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Federal Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany on Tursday, the 2nd of October 2014 at 3.00 p.m. in the Patriotic hall of Carolinum. Invitation available here.

BAT informative session

27/09/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

Marián Ševcech organizes an informative session for all students who are interested in the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT). The meeting will be held on October 1, 2014 at 4 p.m. in room 016. Find more information here. How to apply here.

BCG CONNECTION EVENT October 20 at 6:00 p.m. Palace hotel, Panská 12, Praha 1

25/09/2014   |   PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.

Are you ready to discover a career of challenge and reward? The Boston Consulting Group is the world’s leading advisor on business strategy and the pioneer of strategy consulting. Join our connection event to meet experienced BCG consultants and get answers to your questions. Learn about BCG’s Strategy Cup 2014 competition as well. Together we will develop the best in you.

Register now by October 15 at

Dissertation Defense of Petr Gapko

23/09/2014   |   Mgr. Michal Paulus

Dissertation Defense of Petr Gapko will take place on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 at 5:30 pm in room 314. The topic is „Three Essays on Credit Risk Quantification". All scholars and students are invited.

The picnic at Ladronka - a new date - 28. 9. 2014

22/09/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

The second picnic of IES Alumni will be held on the 28th of September 2014 from 3:00 PM. We will meet at the same place as the last time and even this time feel free to take your partners and children. Please see details here. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Open Day at the Institute of Economic Studies

22/09/2014   |   Ing. Šárka Bokočová

We would like to cordially invite you to the IES Open Day of the English degree Bachelor programme of Economics and Finance (BEF) held on September 22, 2014. You will have an opportunity to meet the faculty members and current students and ask questions about studies at the IES.

We are looking forward to your visit of our Institute in Opletalova street 26, Prague 1.

Detailed program of the IES Open Day is available here.

You can also find useful information about studies at the IES at Admissions web page.

Competition for students - IES FSV UK – ČSOB Award “Banking, trust and finance”

22/09/2014   |   doc. Roman Horváth Ph.D., ČSOB Corporate Chair

IES FSV UK and ČSOB ogranize a competition for the best bachelor or master thesis on "Banking, trust and finance". The deadline for submitting your theses is 1st October 2014. More information is available by clicking on the link above or at the website dedicated to the cooperation of IES and ČSOB.

Alumnus of the Month - September: Jakub Seidler

20/09/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

The Alumnus of September is Jakub Seidler. Jakub achieved his PhD at the IES and after few years at the Czech National Bank has just started to work at ING Bank ČR as the Chief Economist. You can find the interview with him and his profile here.


A year after

10/09/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

You can find some new profiles in the section "A year after". Adelina Hajzeraj is back in her mother country and works in KPMG, Ladislav Sobotka trades with electricity at the European power exchange markets, and Josef Boček builds his career at Česká spořitelna at the Investor relations department. This cohort of September 2013 describes their career paths here.

Tomáš Havránek, doc. Roman Horváth and Petra Valíčková have published an article in the Journal of Economic Surveys

09/09/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

We congratulate our faculty members Tomáš Havránek,   doc. Roman Horváth and Petra Valíčková for their work „Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis“  to be published in the Journal of Economic Surveys.


The journal ranks among top 70 journals in the field of Economics in the world according to the Article Influence Score from the Web of Science.

Programme 3rd IES Economic Meeting, INFER Workshop; Banking in Europe: Current Challenges

02/09/2014   |   Mgr. Ondřej Daniel Ph.D.

Programme of 3rd IES Economic Meeting, INFER Workshop; Banking in Europe: Current Challenges taking place 26 September 2014 at Institute of Economic Studies is to be found in this file. Faculty and students are welcomed to attend all sessions.

Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions

29/08/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

In July 2014, the 2nd annual Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions has been taking place in Prague focussing on the most important legal fields of today, including dispute resolution, insolvency or mergers and acquisitions. The participants come mainly from China, but from the other countries as Australia too. The Director of Prague Summer Program is Tomáš Hülle, external lecturer of IES in field Dispute Resolution, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law. 

The Prague Summer School is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Economic Studies FSS CU.

The Czech Economic Review, Vol. 8, No. 1

29/08/2014   |   PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.

A new issue of the Czech Economic Review is just coming out. See table of contents:

The journal is published by Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and is currently edited by Martin Gregor (Managing editor, Charles University), Randal Filler (City University of New York), František Turnovec (Charles University) and Milan Vlach (Charles University; KCGI, Kyoto).

Evzen Kocenda becomes the new co-editor of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance

22/08/2014   |   doc. Roman Horváth Ph.D., ČSOB Corporate Chair

 We welcome professor Evzen Kocenda as the new co-editor of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance. Evzen has published more than 60 articles in refereed journals including the highly selective journals such as Journal of Economic Literature, Econometric Reviews, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Comparative Economics or Journal of Financial Stability. His research is widely cited with more than 550 citations in Scopus and H-index of 14. The RePEc rankings currently ranks Evzen as the no. 1 (out of 333 economists registered) academic economist living in the Czech Republic. Evzen is affiliated with CERGE-EI and will join our team of co-editors as of September, 1.  


21/08/2014   |   Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová

Bachelor State Exam will take place on Sept 9-10, 2014 in room 314, see Time Schedule and Master State Exam will take place on Sept 23-24, 2014 in room 109, see  Time Schedule.

Petr Teplý's paper awarded at the ICSSH conference in Tbilisi in August 2014

11/08/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

A paper by our faculty member Petr Teplý titled “The Navigator of Responsible Lending - An Alternative Model in Consumer Finance” was awarded as the best paper at The 1st International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (ICSSH) that took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) in August 2014. The paper summarized key results of a 3-year research project "The Navigator of Responsible Lending" supervised by prof. Michal Mejstřík. Moreover, Petr Teplý was selected as the key note speaker of this conference. Congratulations!

An internship offer at EIB

06/08/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

The internship offer has been updated. The details can be found here.

Tomáš Sedláček invites you for a debate " Economics as Religion "

28/07/2014   |   Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová

with prominent economist Robert Nelson (USA) and other guests from the areas of theology, philosophy and economics about the topic Economics as Religion. For more information about event please click here. Please RSVP here.

Alumnus of the Month in July - Pavel Mužíček

19/07/2014   |   Mgr. Eliška Šerhantová

The Alumnus of the Month in July is a sportsman Pavel Mužíček. The keen triathlonist in our interview describes how he is able to combine the career of the analyst in a bank with the sports trainings, and why he has chosen Economics as his major. You can find his profile and the interview on our web page - here.



Barbara Pertold-Gebická presented at the prestigious conference The European Society for Population Economists

03/07/2014   |   Ing. Petra Dědková

The European Society for Population Economics Annual Conference, organized by the University of Minho took place on June 18–21, 2014 at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. The conference covered areas like Economics of the Household, Labour Economics, Public Economics, Demography, and Health Economics.

Barbara Pertold-Gebická presented there her article „Does occupational (re)allocation explain the motherhood penalty?“.

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