Mgr. Václav Brož


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: Applied Econometrics, Financial Stability, Monetary Policy
Membership: Finance and Capital Markets, PhD Candidates


Email: 51682260 [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
Phone: +420 224 414 399
Personal web pages:
Available: by appointment

More information

PhD study

Tutor: prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda M.A., Ph.D., DSc.

Studying from: 2017
PhDr examination:
Final exam:
Dissertation Proposal defence: 11/2020 (expected)
Dissertation defence: 05/2021 (expected)

Current work:
Paper on mortgage-related penalties and their link to systemic risk in the U.S.

Dissertation topic:
Topics in Central Banking

Disertation abstract:
See my Individual Study Plan in "Downloadable"

Optional courses:
2018/2019 SS: JED210 Summer Semester Economics and Law in Banking and Finance
2018/2019 WS: JED209 Winter Semester Economics and Law in Banking and Finance
2017/2018 SS: JED415 Quantitative methods II
2017/2018 WS: JED414 Quantitative methods I


Organisation Memberships

Czech Economic Society


10/2017 – present: Ph.D. in economics, IES FSV UK
10/2015 – 06/2017: Mgr. (MSc. equivalent) in economics, IES FSV UK
10/2012 – 06/2015: Bc. (BSc. equivalent) in economics, IES FSV UK

Job history

07/2018 – present: Economic Analyst, Macroprudential Division, Financial Stability Department, Czech National Bank
03/2017 – 06/2018: Junior Research Specialist, Financial Stability Department, Czech National Bank

Teaching assistantship:
2018/2019 SS: JEB115 Macroeconomics II
2018/2019 WS: JEM037 Financial Markets
2018/2019 WS: JEB114 Macroeconomics I
2017/2018 SS: JEB115 Macroeconomics II
2017/2018 WS: JEM037 Financial Markets
2017/2018 WS: JEB114 Macroeconomics I

Topics for supervision

Bachelor theses

Please check my IDEAS/RePEc page about the research I do, mostly on financial stability. I am ready to supervise theses which would use the BankScope/Orbis database and/or dynamic panel data models and/or would be focused on the Czech Republic/Europe.


Academic CV
Individual Study Plan (ISP)
ISP evaluation 2018


McKinsey & Company
Moneta Money Bank