PhDr. Ondřej Filip


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics • Environmental Economics • Biofuel & Commodity Markets
Membership: Microeconomics and Mathematical Methods, PhD Candidates


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JEM035 - Financial Markets Instruments I

PhD study

Tutor: prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D.

Studying from: 2016
PhDr examination: 03/2017
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Dissertation defence:

Current work:
Dynamics and evolution of the role of biofuels in global commodity and financial markets

Dissertation topic:
Price Transmission Mechanisms in Biofuel Markets

Disertation abstract:
The economics of biofuels represents a rich topic and a vivid area of research interest. Biofuels and their production process have been associated with an extensive economic and political discussion both on national and international levels. The most frequent matters include:
- Discussion Food vs. Fuel: 1st generation biofuels effectively compete with food and animal feed over land and water supply. They are useful, yet their potential is limited.
- Governmental support at various levels of production and consumption: quotas, blending mandates, national energy targets, tax exemptions, directs subsidies vs. cheap oil supply
- Associated environmental questions: greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, deforestation, indirect land use change, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, threats to biodiversity and food supply

Interconnections between biofuel and agricultural commodities are not only a source of a comprehensive academic research but also an important topic in applied policy analysis. The topic of biofuels is profoundly discussed especially in agricultural, development, and environmental economics. Biofuels’ potential to lower the level of harmful CO2 emissions contrasting with a questionable use of land to produce fuel instead of food, animal feed or growing woods represent topics tightly connected with a future development of our civilization and thus worth investigating.

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Prague Banking Club


2016+ Ph.D. candidate at IES FSV UK
2017 PhDr. rigirous exam at IES FSV UK
2013 - 2015 Mgr. Finance, Banking and Financial Markets, IES FSV UK
2014 Study stay at New Economic School in Moscow, Russia
2009 - 2013 Bc. Economics, IES FSV UK
2012 Erasmus study stay at The University of Limerick, Ireland

Job history

2016+ Ph.D. candidate at IES FSV UK
- Financial Markets Instruments I - teaching assistant
- Financial Markets Instruments II - teaching assistant

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Mgr. summa cum laude at IES FSV UK

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Selected topics in modeling of biofuel markets

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Selected topics in modeling of biofuel markets



December 2018


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