PhDr. Ondřej Glazar


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: Economics of migration
Membership: Doctoral students - temporarily interrupted study, European Economic Integration and Economic Policy, PhD Candidates


Office: 602
Email: ondra [DOT] glazar [AT] seznam [DOT] cz
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Available: Tuesday 18.00 - 18.30

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PhD study

Tutor: prof. RNDr. Ing. František Turnovec CSc.

Studying from: 2008
PhDr examination: 03/2008
Final exam:
Dissertation Proposal defence:
Dissertation defence:

Current work:

Dissertation topic:
Political economy of further European expansion

Disertation abstract:
The issue of next European Union extensions is one of the biggest dilemmas Europe has to face today. With regard to this issue, many problems emerge such as migration pressures, economic and political consequences, cultural differences, possible capacity constrains, etc. On one side, we can say that further EU enlargement is a huge challenge and current EU could learn important lesson from previous history of EU extensions. On the other side each country and its integration process is different and hence, the results are highly unpredictable. Main attention of future research would be focused on political aspects of EU future expansion, in particular on the possible implications of Turkish EU accession.

In proposed research program the projects of further European expansion will be examined from different points of view, with main focus on Turkey, however also other possible entrants will be considered and the role and readiness of current EU will be discussed and possible scenarios and conclusion for EU will be analyzed.

Optional courses:
WS 2008/2009 ETPM - Economic Theory of Political Markets
SS 2008/2009 ETPM - Economic Theory of Political Markets
WS 2009/2010 ETPM - Economic Theory of Political Markets
WS 2010/2011 ETPM - Economic Theory of Political Markets



2008+ PhD candidate
2008 PhDr. in economic theory, IES FSV UK
2008 Mgr.(MA equivalent), in economic theory IES FSV UK
2005/2006 Erasmus Programme - J.W.Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
2004 Bc. in economic theory, IES FSV UK

Job history

2008+ teaching assistant, IES FSV UK

WS: JEM081 Advanced Economics of European Integration - Microeconomic Aspects

SS: JEM012 European economic policies
SS: JEB004 Ekonomie II

Extra activities

2008+ A Studio Rubín o.p.s., Director
2002-2008 Divadlo Skok, o.s. President

Awards and prizes

2008 M.A. with distinction from the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences for an extraordinarily good masters diploma thesis.

Topics for supervision

Bachelor theses

Turkish Integration into the European Union
Migration policies and theoretical background
Labour market and migration

Master theses

Economy of migration, Future EU enlargement
Migration and the Global Recession
Managing Temporary Migration

Supervised Bachelor theses

all/awarded: 1/0

Supervised Master Theses

all/awarded: 1/1
Awarded: Mgr. Kristýna Ducháčová


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