Mgr. Petr Hanzlík


Position: Ph.D. Candidate
Field of interest: Banking, asset and liability management, banks' liquidity, interest rates, monetary policy
Membership: Finance and Capital Markets, PhD Candidates


Email: 96193552 [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
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JEM032 - Banking and Risk Management

PhD study

Tutor: prof. PhDr. Petr Teplý Ph.D.

Studying from: 2018
PhDr examination:
Final exam: 05/2020
Dissertation Proposal defence: 23 February 2022
Dissertation defence: 21 September 2022

Current work:

Dissertation topic:
Banks’ performance in low and negative interest rate environment

Disertation abstract:
The aim of this dissertation work will be to contribute to the research of the relationship between the market interest rates and banks’ profitability with special focus on behaviour of NIM in situation of market rates close to or even below zero, i.e. situation of recent years closely connected to unconventional monetary policy tools developed after the crisis.
This situation may have impact not only on NIM, but also on other sources of banks’ profitability. For example, in the Czech Republic the ending of an exchange rate commitment boosted the profits of some of the large banks through their derivatives positions. The methodology will be suited to separate other possible influences on the profitability measures while allowing to model the non-linearities in the relationship. Analysis will also focus on differences by various characteristics of bank’s business models, banking sectors in various countries and other country specific factors. The literature considering the impact of low or negative rates on bank’s profitability is not yet very rich. It has been growing mostly in last few years when the topic became hot due to the massive usage of unconventional monetary policy. Therefore, there is still a space for further research.

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Organisation Memberships

Česká společnost ekonomická (Czech Economic Society)


2018 - currently: PhD. study, Economics, IES FSV UK
2016 - 2018: master study, Economics and Finance (specialisation Finance, Financial Markets and Banking), IES FSV UK
2012 - 2016: bachelor study, Economics and Finance, IES FSV UK

Job history

06/2022 - currently: ČSOB, Group Controlling and Investor Relations department, Financial analyst
09/2021 - currently: member of the Financial Committee of the South Bohemian Region Assembly
03/2020 - 05/2022: ČSOB, Treasury/ALM Support and Innovation department, ALM specialist
08/2018 - 02/2020: ČSOB, Group Controlling and Investor Relations department, Financial analyst - junior
06/2017 - 07/2018: ČSOB, Retail Business Support/Retail Business Controlling department, Analyst of strategic controlling

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Dissertation - final version

June 2023


Česká Spořitelna


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