doc. Petr Janský Ph.D.


Position: Associate Professor, Head of Department of European Economic Integration and Economic Policy
Field of interest: International Economics, Development Economics, Public Finance, Taxation, International Corporate Tax Avoidance, Tax Havens, Illicit Financial Flows, Income Inequality
Membership: European Economic Integration and Economic Policy, Internal


Office: 510
Email: petr [DOT] jansky [AT] fsv [DOT] cuni [DOT] cz
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Course supervisor

JEB101 - Principles of Economics I
JEB102 - Principles of Economics II
JEM203 - Public Economics


JEB020 - Economic Policy
JEB101 - Principles of Economics I
JEB102 - Principles of Economics II
JEM203 - Public Economics
JEB025 - Public Finance


Organisation Memberships

Czech Economic Association, Royal Economic Society, European Economic Association, American Economic Association, International Institute of Public Finance


09/2009–12/2013 Charles University in Prague Ph.D. in Economics
09/2008–07/2009 University of Oxford M.Sc. in Economics for Development
09/2005–06/2008 Charles University in Prague Bc. in Economics

Job history

09/2009– Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prague: Assistant Professor
 Lecturing microeconomics, macroeconomics and economic policy at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES).
 Leading research projects and writing articles in international and development economics and public finance.
03/2010– Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CERGE-EI), Prague: Researcher
 Conducting economic and public policy research; Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis (IDEA).
 Managing research projects in cooperation with Czech ministries; post-doctoral fellow since 01/2016.

At Charles University in Prague:
09/2010- Principles of Economics I & II (supervisor and lecturer; undergraduate courses)
09/2010- Economic Policy (co-lecturer; undergraduate course)
09/2009- Supervision of students’ theses (more than 50 undergraduate and graduate theses).
09/2011–06/2013 Economics and Law in Banking and Finance (co-organiser, graduate course)
02/2012–06/2012 Integrity, Law and Economics (supervisor, co-organiser and co-lecturer, graduate course)
09/2009–02/2011 Bachelor's Thesis Seminar I & II (teaching assistant; undergraduate course)
02/2010–06/2010 International Finance (teaching assistant; undergraduate course)
09/2009–02/2010 Development Economics (co-lecturer and teaching assistant; undergraduate course)
09/2009–02/2010 Economics I & II (teaching assistant; undergraduate course)
09/2009–02/2010 International Trade (teaching assistant; undergraduate course)

Extra activities

02/2009–11/2015 Financial Secrecy Index, Tax Justice Network (TJN), London and Prague: Co-author
 Contributed to development of methodology and estimation of a financial secrecy & tax haven indicator.
03/2015––11/2015 Oxfam, Oxford: Research consultant
 Analysed data on activities of multinational enterprises and evaluated international corporate tax reforms.
03/2014––10/2014 Prague City Hall, Prague: Advisor
 Advised about fiscal outlook, tax policy, property tax revenues and the city’s long-term economic strategy.
02/2014–07/2014 Center for Global Development, London: Research collaborator
 Co-authored research on international corporate tax reforms and their development impact.
06/2013–12/2013 Save the Children, London, United Kingdom: Research consultant
 Carried out analysis of illicit financial flows, taxation and social outcomes.
10/2012–12/2013 Center for Global Development, Washington DC: Research collaborator
 Wrote a paper on inclusion of illicit finance in the Commitment to Development Index; visited in 10/2012.
04/2013–10/2013 & 07/2010–08/2010 Tax Justice Network - Africa, Nairobi, and Prague: Research consultant
 Contributed to a Fair Tax Index proposal and an analysis of tax and human rights, respectively.
02/2011–09/2013 Česko hledá budoucnost (Czechia seeks the future), Prague: Leader of the economic team
 Framed discussion of long-term economic strategy for the Czech Republic, in a project for NGO Glopolis.
06/2011–07/2011 & 05/2012 & 05/2013 Institute for Fiscal Studies, London: Visiting research scholar
 Visited to discuss research on consumption, indirect taxes and policy analysis.
09/2012–05/2013 & 09/2011–03/2012 Christian Aid, London and Prague: Research consultant
 Statistically investigated the potential of tax evasion and transfer mispricing in poor countries, respectively.
09/2010–04/2013 National economic council of the Czech government (NERV), Prague: Advisor
 Proposed policy changes as a member of finance, competitiveness, corruption & civil service sub-committees.
06/2011–12/2012 Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, Prague: Advisor
 Provided recommendations and evaluated proposals for the financing of social services.
01/2012–10/2012 Economic Council of Association of Regions of the Czech Republic (ERAK): Member
 Contributed to policy making in the regions as a member of an expert council for economic and social issues.
06/2010–09/2012 EEIP, an economics consultancy company, Prague: Associate
 Analysed policy for private & public sectors (e.g. competitiveness strategy); assessed regulatory impact.
04/2010–06/2012 zIndex, Centre for applied economics, Prague: Collaborator
 Helped to develop an anti-corruption index that ranks authorities by their public procurement transparency.
09/2009–10/2010 University of Oxford, Oxford, Ghana and Prague: Research collaborator
 Managed a survey of Ghanaian cocoa farmers (10–11/2009) and helped to evaluate a microfinance program.
05/2010–06/2010 Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative, Oxford, Prague: Research consultant
 Econometrically analysed country-level macroeconomic and institutional data on human well-being.
01/2010–06/2010 Prague Twenty, a think tank, Prague: Collaborator
 Assisted in an economic policy teaching project, and in the development of the think tank.
03/2010–05/2010 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Prague: Research consultant
 Statistically analysed and presented country-level data for the Human Development Report 2010.
01/2008–04/2008 Ernst & Young, Prague: Assistant in valuation and business modelling
 Participated in valuation of one of the biggest Czech companies, company valuation and industry research.
01/2006–06/2006 M. C. Triton, a management consultancy company, Prague: Assistant consultant
 Proposed a new banking product, assisted with expansion of a foreign bank into the Czech retail market.
05/2005–01/2006 City Council of Kuřim, Kuřim and Prague: Assistant to deputy mayor
 Assisted with the city’s development and strategy, responsible for grant application for an investment project.
01/2004– Various NGOs (Scouting; Amnesty Int.; Fair Trade; Oxbridge Alumni; etc.): Volunteer
 Participate actively in a number of NGOs, through management, assistance and economic analysis.

Awards and prizes

 The 2013 Karel Engliš Award from the Czech Economics Society, for a policy paper by a young economist.
 CEFRES (a Prague-based French centre for social sciences) Fellowship 2013.
 Charles University in Prague, Ph.D. scholarship 2009-2013.
 Jan Hus Scholarship, 2010-2011.
 Shell Centenary Scholarship at the University of Oxford, 2008-2009.
 Ernst & Young Scholarship, 2007-2008; first place in the Ernst & Young Academy 2007.
 Goldman Sachs Global Leader 2007; Global Leadership Institute 2007.
 European Youth Parliament, leader of the third team in 2004 and leader of the winning team in 2005.

Topics for supervision

Bachelor theses

I am happy to consider supervising your thesis. In the file below I suggest some suitable topics and I explain the process leading to a successful defence of your thesis.

Master theses

I am happy to consider supervising your thesis. In the file below I suggest some suitable topics and I explain the process leading to a successful defence of your thesis.

Supervised Bachelor theses

all/awarded: 48/9
Awarded: Bc. Daniel Vach, Bc. Jozef Kubovič, Bc. Lenka Röhryová , Bc. Martin Zachar, Bc. Michal Svatoň, Bc. Miroslav Palanský, Bc. Petr Filipec, Bc. Tatiana Chudá, Bc. Zuzana Řehořová

Supervised Master Theses

all/awarded: 22/0

Current Ph.D. students

number: 5
Sarah Godar M.A., Mgr. Michal Král , Natalia Li M.A., MSc. , Mgr. Miroslav Palanský M.A., Mgr. Marek Šedivý


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