PhDr. Soňa Pokutová - Benecká

Position: PhD. student
Field of interest: Economics - banking nad finance
Membership: Former PhD students


Email: sona [DOT] benecka [AT] seznam [DOT] cz
Phone: 224412070

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1996-1999 Bachelor of Arts at IES FSV UK
2001 Erasmus Scholarship (Rome, Siena - Italy)
1999-2002 Master of Arts at IES FSV UK
2002 Degree PhDr. in Economics at IES FSV UK
2002+ PhD. student

Job history

2002 Banking, mathematics (seminar)

Topics for supervision

Term papers

Banking sector development in CR after coupon privatization
Crises of small banks and their future
Bank crises in the world and CR
Bank runs: reasons and results
A story of any bank failure in 90´s (IPB, AB, Ekoagro, Moravia, Foresbank...)
A story of any un/successful bank from transition countries (Russia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Visegrad countries)
A story of IPB -- bad loans and its sale to ČSOB
Privatisation of the banks on domestic market -- forms of sale, clean up, profit, length, interested parties etc.
State subsidies for Czech banks in 1990´s
Česká pojišťovna -- a view of property structure and its bank group
Transformation of Consolidation bank in Czech Consolidation Agency
Performance of the Czech banks in comparison with banking sector in EU and Visegrad countries
Structure, management and performance of the Czech banks (SCP model)
What macroeconomic conditions influence banking sector?
Influence of catastrophes on monetary policy and banking sector
Preparation of Czech banking sector on the accession in EU (or EMU)
International dimension of Czech banks
World mergers and acquisitions in banking (finished and not finished)
Financial institutions and flows in CR - a structure (also insurance companies, building societies etc.)
Financial sector influence in the very poor countries (Nigeria, Kongo, Zair..)
Banks and the Great Depression
The role of the bank in the selected model of corporate governance (Japan, Germany, UK, USA)
Investment and commercial banking - a comparison
Bank products in 1930´s (first republic) and in present
Bank products in Europe, USA and Czech Republic - a comparison
Retail banking - products of different banks on domestic market
Marketing approaches of different banks
Mortgage banking
Credit derivatives in the Czech Republic
Derivatives (options, futures etc.) in banking
Synergetic effects of bankassurance
Microeconomic models of insurance and reality
Pension insurance (regulation, supervision, performance etc.)
Life insurance (regulation, supervision, performance etc.)
Loans from building societies and mortgage
Credit unions and co-operatives
Risk control in banks (systems, accounting etc.)
Liquidity management, liquidity crises -- theory, case study
Credit risk management
Bank performance evaluation
Debt enforcement
Central register of credits
Subordinated debts in the Czech Republic
Loan pledges - different forms and uses
Internal audit in banks -- functions + concrete examples
External audit in domestic banks
Development of regulation in the Czech banking sector
Banking regulation in different forms (as a part of central bank, ministry of finance etc.)
Development of Czech banking sector supervision by CNB
Bank supervision harmonisation with EU
Financial innovations and regulation
Bank groups -- supervision based on consolidation
Bank groups -- presence and functions on domestic market (types of structures, mother company relationships, products etc.)
Basle Accord (international capital adequacy rules)
Capital adequacy of the Czech banks
Securitization in the CR and world-wide
Ethics in banking

Supervised Master Theses

all/awarded: 1/0


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